Things to do for fun in Manhattan

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    New York is the best place in the US for having fun! Attractions, various kinds of entertainment, and cool things you can do and have fun are almost endless in Manhattan. There is something interesting for every person, no matter the age. The best parks, events, clubs, museums and interesting places are waiting for you to explore them. But if you’re a beginner in NYC moving, we’ll show you cool things to do for fun in Manhattan, that you can enjoy as a newcomer with your family or friends.

    There are things to do for fun in Manhattan for everyone

    Moving to Manhattan is going to be very exciting, because there are things to do for fun in Manhattan for everyone! No matter if you’re a businessman, a senior, loving couple, a teen or family with kids, fun in Big Apple is guaranteed! We’ll mention some interesting things you can try this fall. Choose the best for you of the following:

    • a pedicab ride through Central Park
    • the visit to highest open-air observatory of the Empire State Building
    • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
    • enjoying the largest Chinese lantern festival in North America
    • fall activities at Bryant Park
    • strolling the Brooklyn Bridge promenade
    • the Staten Island Ferry ride

    Enjoy a pedicab ride through Central Park

    Living in NYC means accepting the fast lifestyle and chasing dream jobs. But no matter how busy we are, we all need some kind of fun in our lives. Sometimes all you need is to go to Central Park to have fun in Manhattan. In other words, when not sure where to go and have fun, New Yorkers choose Central Park. Bring your special someone and enjoy a pedicab ride through the park. It lasts about 2 hours and you’ll get a chance to see popular sites such as Strawberry Fields, Bethesda Fountain, and Bow Bridge. Also, the 2-hour tour means you’ll see the Onassis Reservoir, Alice in Wonderland, Swedish Cottage. This represents an ultimate experience and fun activity for two. Stroll the Central Park in an entertaining way. And if you’ve moved recently, see the  autumn things you must do in NYC this fall with your family.

    Central Park view - a man playing a piano
    Central Park is a favorite place for having fun among New Yorkers.

    Take a selfie from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building

    Well, it’s pretty obvious that skyscrapers and rooftops are the best place to have fun in Manhattan. But we’re not talking about clubbing only. We mean having a huge amount of fun and excitement at the same time.  And The Empire State Building’s observation deck is the best place for that. You can enjoy 360-degree views from the city’s highest open-air observatory located on the 86th floor of the famous Empire State Building. Create amazing pictures of metropolis or outstanding selfies. Besides, you can take an interactive multimedia tour and see the new 2nd-floor immersive exhibits. And for those sports fans, there are top sports bars in NYC to check out with friends this month.

    a view at the Empire State Building
    Looking for having some fun in Manhattan with friends? Don’t miss the chance to visit NYC’s highest open-air observatory.

    Have a great time at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

    November 28 is almost here, and where you can spend the most fun day than in New York City. If you’re looking forward to have fun in Manhattan and celebrate Thanksgiving Day, visit Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This is one of the world’s largest parades! To make things clear, fun is guaranteed. There will be more than 8,000 participants in the parade. Also, over 1,000 clowns, balloon handlers, 12 marching bands, over 1,000 cheerleaders and dancers, many celebrities, and even Santa Claus! The fun for both you and kids. Besides, The Snoopy balloon will be decked out in an astronaut suit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

    Take your kids to the Hello Panda Festival

    Another great way to have fun in Manhattan this fall is to enjoy the Hello Panda Festival. This is the largest Chinese lantern festival in North America and also the largest lantern show ever for NYC. You don’t want to miss that, believe us! Furthermore, you’ll get a chance to see over 120 Instagrammable lantern exhibits, 60 food and drink vendors, live performances, modern art exhibits, interactive games, and live stage performances. Truly, a perfect event for having fun with family.

    Chinese parade
    If you’re spending Christmas in New York with your family, take your kids to have fun in the largest Chinese lantern festival in North America.

    Spend a relaxing time with friends in Bryant Park

    We all like to have a relaxing but fun time with friends outside. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be some specific event or place. Bryant Park is a perfect place to have fun in Manhattan. This popular park has a well-maintained lawn, with chairs and tables. It’s great for chilling around, relaxing or doing yoga. Also riding a bicycle, and enjoying various outdoor activities. During winter you can enjoy free ice-skating rink and hot Christmas beverages. And during summer, there are free outdoor movie series you can watch

    Stroll along the Brooklyn Bridge

    A legendary Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian promenade is a nice place to have fun in Manhattan after a hard day at work. Clear your mind and enjoy the view on Manhattan and NYC Harbor. Or, you can visit a Waterfront park nearby to enjoy fall outdoor activities, a roller rink, a playground for kids or handball and others.

    girl near Brooklyn Bridge
    Walk the Brooklyn Bridge promenade and choose some from various outdoor activities nearby in a waterfront park.

    Ride the Staten Island Ferry

    Moving to NYC means you got to visit its landmarks and sites. Indeed, New York is expensive, but there are also cheap ways to enjoy its fun attractions. The cheapest way to see the Statue of Liberty is using a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry. Go to the Whitehall Terminal at the tip of Manhattan. The trip lasts about 25 minutes, and you’ll definitely going to have fun during the ride. You’ll enjoy the stunning skyscraper views from the water and take beautiful pictures.

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