The week before the move – how to prepare

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    After most of the packing process is over and your home finally looks like you are about to move, there will still be things to plan and organize. The last week before the move is the most important part of the process. During this time, you will have to finish packing, gather the remaining paperwork, and confirm the arrival of your movers. Take a look at how you can manage your time while counting days before the move.

    Making a moving day timeline

    While getting ready for the move, most people forget to actually plan the moving day. With all the packing, organizing, and planning, the last week before the move is often the busiest time of this process. Whether you decided to hire one of the best local movers Manhattan has to offer or manage a DIY move, you should consider making a moving day timeline. Creating a list of important tasks and chores will put your mind at ease and help you focus.

    Before you start making this list, make sure to organize the most important aspects of the move. A few weeks prior to the moving day, you should book your movers, get necessary packing supplies and finalize the moving paperwork. Once all of these things are set, you can start planning your moving day. In most cases, one week before the move will be the best time to do this.

    Making a timeline of the moving day will be important. You should write down all the important things you should do at this time.

    The week before the move – how to organize?

    If you have just one week left before the move, it will be important to prepare for the unexpected. Moving day can be full of obstacles, especially if something goes off the plan. In order to avoid unnecessary stress during this time, you should get ready for plan B. For example, if it happens that you have to move during bad weather, loading inventory into a moving truck can get complicated pretty fast. Also, your moving company can be late or forget one of your boxes. There are many moving day complications that could happen, but there is an easy way to prevent them all. And that way is – to focus on priorities the week before the move.

    Another aspect of your moving day will be the moving crew you decided to hire. Depending on how experienced and reliable the company is, your movers can ease this process in many ways. For example, a company like Heart Moving Manhattan can offer a wide range of services that could save you valuable time and money. Letting your movers handle the moving day will help you prepare for this process much faster.

    Pack the essential bag

    While planning the packing process, you will find out that some inventory will have to stay at home until the last day. Items like dishes, bathroom products, and bed linen are just some things you should pack right before moving. If you decided to hire one of the reputable long distance movers NYC has to offer, your packing process will be much easier. Most movers provide packing services that save your time and keep your inventory safe.

    The week before the move, you should separate these things and prepare an essential moving day bag. While the rest of your moving boxes are safe inside the truck, you will need to have some essentials by your side. Things like snacks, medications, and personal items should be in your essential bag. A few weeks before the move, make sure to put these items on your packing list.

    a girl holding a clock
    The week before the move is the perfect time to finish the packing process.

    Secure furniture for relocation

    It’s easy to pack clothes, books, and other inventory weeks before the move. Since you won’t be using most of them, there is no strict rule for when you should pack them. However, you might need to secure furniture with blankets, cellophane wrap, and other packing materials. On one hand, you can handle this process by yourself. On the other, you might want to contact reliable Upper East Side movers has to offer. Packing and securing furniture for transportation is not an easy job, and you will have to organize it the week before the move.

    What to do one day before the move?

    If you made a to-do list for your moving day and packed all of your belongings, you might have a stress-free day before the move. Even though a lot of things might cross your mind during this day, you should make sure to take some rest and gather your thoughts. One day before the move is a time to check some of the last things regarding your inventory and your home. Before your movers show at your doorstep, here are some last-minute things you should handle:

    • Check your home for any damage after packing.
    • Empty your fridge and turn it off.
    • Contact your movers and confirm their arrival.
    • Prepare meals for the moving day.
    • Pack an essentials bag.
    • Talk to your family members about the move.
    • Rest and get a good night of sleep.
    a man talking on the phone, representing The week before the move
    If you decided to hire professional movers, give them a call a few days before the move and confirm the time of their arrival.


    Hiring last-minute movers

    The last week before the move can be stressful, but for some people, this is the only time they have to prepare. If you have just a few days to move out of your home, this will be the best time to hire last-minute movers. Last-minute relocation might be more expensive, but hiring professional assistance can be of great help. No matter how much time you have before the moving day, make sure to stay focused and plan your move one step at a time.

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