The ultimate tips for moving a bookcase

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    There is an easier way to handle and move bulky and heavy furniture when you are moving. Moving a bookcase can also be less complicated if you follow these tips. See how to properly pack books and preserve them. Also how to safely move a bookcase.

    Pack your books for storage

    Prepare enough packing supplies, so you don’t waste any time once you start to pack. You will need a sturdy, moving box for books. Avoid using free, already used boxes because books are heavy and they need proper support. 

    In case you have a lot of books and you are not ready to throw them away, consider renting a storage unit. You will see that there are options for various Manhattan storage units. Choose the right size and ask if they have any discounts for long term storage. 

    Be sure that you pack your books in a way that will make it easier to grab them whenever you need to. Take a smaller box and reinforce the bottom with tape. It is better to pack in smaller boxes so you don’t hurt your back when you carry them. Place the books inside with the spine facing inwards. Choose similar size books for the same box. Stack them close and use a packing paper if there is free space left. Feel the void with crushed packing paper. Securely close the box with a lot of tapes.

    Books in a box
    First, you will need to pack your books

    Tips for moving a bookcase

    Avoid injuries caused by improper handling

    Once you are finished with packing books, you need to learn how to move heavy bookcase. Whenever you try to move something heavy, you have to use your arms and legs for lifting. Don’t use your back, avoid putting weight on your back, because you might hurt yourself.

    Safety measures to consider before moving a bookcase

    Empty the bookcase and clean it from dust or dirt. Moving a bookcase sometimes includes a lot of handling so you want to protect it by wrapping it with moving blankets or pads. If you have more bulky and heavy furniture and you are relocating to Manhattan, you should think about hiring professional movers. Moving companies have both equipment and experience for moving heavy furniture. 

    However, if you are moving on your own, make sure that you get more people to help you. It is safer and easier to ask friends to help you, especially with heavy lifting. The more hands on deck will lower the risk of damages and injuries.

    Two right hands in the air
    When you are preparing for moving a bookcase, get a few pairs of helping hands

    Use tools to move a bookcase

    Use additional equipment any time you can. This includes:

    • Moving dolly – this is a square platform with wheels. It is easy to use and it simplifies moving a bookcase even if you packed efficiently. You only have to lift a bookcase and place it on a moving dolly.
    • Shoulder dolly ( straps) – this is a great aid for moving heavy furniture. Although, you should avoid using them when you are using stairs.
    • Moving blankets – another excellent solution for moving a bookcase. Place a moving blanket under your bookcase and then use it as a slider. After you put it underneath furniture, you simply need to pull a moving blanket and a bookcase will slide wherever you want to.
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