The ultimate list of moving supplies

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    Are you getting ready to move? You will have to make a few lists! One of those lists is the list of all of the items that you have in your home and you want to move. Be sure to divide those items according to boxes that they should be packed into. And then, the packing time comes, the longest and the most exhausting part of the moving process. It is highly recommended to hire a¬†Manhattan moving company to pack and relocate all of your belongings instead of you. However, if you are planning to pack everything on your own, you will need a lot of moving supplies in order to prepare for packing. Now, let’s create an ultimate list of moving supplies!

    DIY or Hire Professional Mover?

    Hiring a professional moving company is highly recommended, especially if you are preparing for a long-distance move. A professional moving company will send a team of trained workers to your destination, on the previously scheduled moving day. They will bring moving boxes Manhattan with them. They will also bring all the necessary packing supplies and moving equipment.

    However, if you are planning to pack and relocate everything on your own, these are the moving supplies that you should gather as soon as you can:

    • Cardboard Boxes
    • Duct Tape
    • Cushioning
    • Labeling Materials¬†
    • Protective Materials
    A professional moving company will provide all moving supplies for your relocation.

    First on the list of Moving Supplies – Cardboard Boxes

    First of all, you will need a lot of cardboard boxes, different sizes, and types! Almost everything that you have around you, except for the electric appliances and furniture, will go into the cardboard boxes. That’s why you will have to be sure to have enough of them when the time for packing comes. If you want to save some money, you should search for some free cardboard boxes around you. If you want to figure out how many boxes you are going to need, you should go to your list that you have already created. Divide items according to the boxes they are gonna be packed into and you will get an idea how many your packing process will require.

    Duct Tape

    Now that you figured out how many moving boxes you will require, you should think of what kind and type of the duct tape you will need too. Duct tapes come in different sizes, types, and colors. Color might tell you how strong the duct tape is, but it’s not a rule and it actually depends on the manufacturer. Since we are talking about the moving process, it’s highly recommended to buy strong ones. Avoid cheap duct tapes because they probably won’t be able to hold the items good and last through the whole relocation process. They are cheaper if you buy them in bulks than per rolls! When you start packing, you will need room-by-room packing guidelines from professionals!

    Protective Moving Supplies

    If you are hiring a professional moving company, they will provide all necessary packing materials for the relocation process. The well-known protective packing supply that most of us use to protect our belongings is called plastic wrap! Before you start packing, buy a lot of plastic wraps. There also are small bags made of the plastic wrap material. If you want to protect your small items, all you have to do is to place them inside of the small plastic wrap bags.

    You can also use some blankets, sheets, and newspaper as an alternative to packing materials. Use packing blankets to protect your electrical appliances such as tv or microwave. Sheets and newspapers can also be useful for protecting glassware or sensitive items. However, if you are downsizing, you will need a storage place for your belongings. Therefore, you should call your mover and ask for their storage services.

    plastic wrap
    A very well known supply for protection – Plastic Wrap!

    Moving Supplies – Cushioning

    You should tuck in each item carefully in the moving box to prevent the damage during transportation. Cushioning packing supplies are usually not expensive, so you will be able to afford a lot of them. If you want to secure items in a moving box, using old newspapers is a good idea, All you have to do is squeeze the newspaper and place them all around the item inside of the moving box. This is just an additional layer of protection since the item in the box is already protected with the plastic wrap. However, if you are looking for some sophisticated cushioning material, you should go with styrofoam. Styrofoam is not expensive and you can even find it for free in the shops and stores around you.

    Take Care Of Yourself – Protection For You

    If you are planning to execute a DIY move, you will definitely need some help from your friends and family. In order to protect yourself and your friends from unpleasant moving injuries, you should invest in a pair of gloves per person. This will protect your fingers but also enhance your grip while lifting and carrying boxes. It’s also important to wear protective boots. If you don’t have boots, you should at least wear shoes with closed toes (sneakers also work).

    Buy a pair of gloves for each person who’s helping you with the move.

    After all, you can also make your local relocation enjoyable! Just a few friends, that’s all that you need! Be sure to inform your friends about the move at least a week or two in advance so they can organize their time and come to help you with the move. If you are moving during the summer, you should provide enough snacks and refreshments. If possible, a little bit of music would be wonderful, too! That’s all that you need, your friends, music, snacks, a good laugh and moving supplies! Good luck with the relocation!



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