The right way to pack your kid’s room

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    The relocating process takes a lot of time and causes moving stress. Sometimes even grown-ups can’t deal and accept the fact that they have to move, can you imagine how your kids feel? Leaving their old neighborhood, school and friends can be very tough for them. You will have to be patient and explain the moving process and the reason for the move to them, thoroughly. However, if you are relocating to Manhattan you will most likely need a professional mover to assist you with the move. However, today we will talk about packing. Actually, we will talk about what is the best way to pack your kid’s room properly! Let’s start!

    Prepare And Pack Your Kid’s Room

    Moving process is a challenge for everyone who’s involved, especially your kids. Before you start packing, sit with your kids and try to explain to them why do you have to move. Be honest and patient.  If you have a lot of items that you are not using anymore, or using only frequently, this is the time to call your mover and rent one of the Manhattan storage units. You can store some of your furniture, items you are not using anymore or even your kids old toys! Let’s see now what you should do in order to pack your kid’s room properly!

    • Keep Your Children in the Loop
    • Essentials Box for Children
    • Make A “Packing” Game
    • Let Your Children Label and Decorate Their Boxes
    • Talk About Organizing Their New Room
    How to pack your kid's room? Together! let them be involved!
    As soon as you find out, talk to your kid about the move and share with them every detail.

    Keep Your Children In The Loop

    You should keep your children in the loop through the whole moving process. This will help them to adapt easier since they are not thinking rationally like adults. Talk to your kids openly and tell them about the move. Give them some details about your new house and neighborhood. Answer their questions honestly and let them be completely involved in the moving process.

    It’s easy to move with a baby or toddler, they will be ok with everything as long as their parents are with them, Same goes for the preschool and school kids. However, you might have some problems with teenagers but if you have a good explanation and patience, they will accept the relocation too.

    Essentials Box for Children

    Packing an essentials box for each member of your family is a must when the relocation is in the question. However, you will always pack one essentials box for the whole family. This box usually contains blankets, sheets, pillows, pillow casings, etc. But, packing an essentials box with your kid can actually be fun! Find all the things that your kid is using every day and place them on the bed. Let your kid pick a box that they like and tell them to pack items from the bed in the moving box while you are packing their clothes next to them. Your child will feel useful and have fun at the same time!

    How to Pack Your Kid’s Room? – Make A “Packing” Game

    Let your child be fully involved in the packing of their own room. They should learn about responsibilities, such as, in this case, packing their own stuff! You should break packing into a lot of games instead of making it look like a task. You can make a race, dancing game, give some rewards for good packing, etc. However, you should hire a professional moving company and get their packing services for the heavy items such as bed, table, closet and piano from your kid’s room.

    Little girl playing in her room.
    Turn packing into a game! Racing, dancing, singing, you name it! Offer some rewards at the end!

    Let Your Children Lable and Decorate Their Boxes

    You should let your kids decorate and label boxes that contain their own items and clothes. Your kids will feel involved and helpful, but that will also boost their confidence and make them distracted for a while. Provide color pencils and crayons so they can paint, write their name or mark each box with their belongings. They will have a lot of fun! For your own benefit, make sure that those boxes are clearly labeled before closing them!

    Talk About Organizing Their New Room

    Kids don’t see a moving process as an exciting and fun thing at all. Therefore, you, as a parent, have to find a way to highlight every moment of the moving process in order to make your kids feel good, safe and adapt as fast as it’s possible. If you want to cheer your kids up, you should talk to them about their new room and if they have some nice ideas about decorating it. Ask them which color are their favorite and how would they like to make a theme for their new room out of that color. However, if they want to arrange the room exactly the same way as their previous one was, let them do it. They will feel more comfortable if the room looks like their old one.

    Little girl standing on the ladders.
    Put your kid in a good mood. Talk about decorations and renovations for their new room.

    Pack Your Kid’s Room – Hire Professionals

    Hire a professional HeartMoving company at least two months before the move. A few weeks before the move give them a call to confirm the moving date. A professional moving company will send a team of workers for your home inspection. They will calculate the costs of your move in advance and there won’t be any hidden costs at the end of the move. Every licensed and reputable moving company has plenty of moving services that will meet your needs.

    Follow these steps and you won’t make a mistake if you want to pack your kid’s room properly. The most important thing is to have patience and understanding, to talk about the move with your kids and involve them in the moving process from the beginning. Try to be positive and make packing and moving fun. Have a good trip and best of luck!


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