Storing your power tools – tips and tricks

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    Every person has some kind of tool at their home. Mostly everyone has a screwdriver and a wrench, but some people also have huge power tools too. Tools are usually placed everywhere in our home, from the basement to the garage. But if you are not taking care of your tools and if they are not stored properly, they can break and rust. Storing your power tools will take some time. Let’s see now how to do it properly!

    Storing Your Power Tools – Tips and Tricks

    When you know that you have the right tool for the specific job, that feels awesome, right? Some people even make a collection of power and motorized tools. But it takes time to get a collection like this because these kind of tools are pretty expensive. Also, they require maintenance.

    Storing your power tools will be easy if you decide to hire Clinton moving company. They will protect your power tools, pack them carefully and transport to the storage unit.

    Storing your power tools won't be a problem for the professional moving company.
    Some power tools are very expensive and require maintenance.

    Hiring a Professional Moving Company

    A professional moving company has years of experience in the moving industry, Packing and storing your power tools won’t be a problem. They will pack and secure your tools and then load everything in a moving truck. When they arrive at the storage facility, they will unload a moving truck and place your power tools into a storage unit.

    In case you are not sure how to pack your power tools, you can ask your mover about packing services NYC and let the professionals do the job. If you are moving with your family, a moving company can pack and relocate all of your belongings too. A professional mover will offer plenty of services that you might need and some of them are:

    • Packing and Labeling
    • Truck and Transport
    • Security and Insurance
    • Storage Units
    • Unpacking and Recycling
    • Special services (shipping your car or a motorcycle etc.)

    However, if you want to save up some money, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional moving company on an off-peak day. Peak days are usually weekends, end of the month and summer days. At this time, moving companies are in high demand so the price of a move can be higher than usual.

    You should also know that every professional mover has a license. They will also calculate all costs of your move and put that in a written document with a signature.

    Clean And Oil Your Tools

    Before you pack your power tools you should examine, and also clean them. Be careful and try to avoid any electrical components to get in contact with water. Every tool that has an edge should be sharpened but only that much that you can see that edge is clean. Also, these kinds of tools should be greased or oiled. Wrap the edged tool with a greased rag. After that, the tool is ready for the storage place.

    Cleaning your basement by storing your power tools is a perfect opportunity for some basement renovation ideas!

    Male using a drill.
    Prepare your power tools before you place them in the storage unit. Cleaning and greasing is the first step!


    Prepare your Power Tools for the Storage

    For starters, remove all batteries from your power tool. After that, store them. Temperature between 50 and 90 degrees is the best to keep your batteries safe. One of the advantages of the storage unit is that they are climate-controlled and your batteries will be completely safe there. The perfect option is to store your power tools in their original boxes. Original boxes will keep your power tools safe and protected during the transport.

    If you don’t have the original power toolbox, you should use plastic wrapping products. The best one for securing your power tools is bubble wrap.

    Choose the right Containers for Your Tools

    Storing your power tools in original boxes would be the best option. The original package has been made of strong hard plastic. If you pack your power tools in a box like this, you protect your tools from moisture and impact during transportation. For all the other tools that you have, you will use:

    • Sturdy containers (this will protect your tools from the moisture and pests)
    • Toolbox
    • A tool chest with a tight-fitting lid
    • Sturdy plastic container (simple option but it will still do the job)
    • Use desiccant packets, such as silica gel packets (this will help to protect your tools from rust because it absorbs the moisture)

    Climate-controlled Storage Unit

    Even though power tools are very powerful when it comes to “getting the job done”, they are also very sensitive to the moisture, drastic temperature changes, rust, pests etc. So, when you decide to put your tools into some of the storage units, you should consider getting a climate-controlled one. The climate-controlled storage unit has a temperature, humidity and air quality under control all the time.

    There are different types of self-storage units and you should think in advance which one is the best option for your tools. It matters if it is far away or close, outdoor or in-door so you should get one suitable for you. Types of storage places are:

    • Outdoor storage
    • Drive-up Storage
    • Indoor Storage
    • Climate-controlled Storage
    • Mobile storage
    • 24-hour storage
    Outdoor storage place.
    Your power tools will be safe in a climate-controlled storage unit.

    Also, if you choose 24-hour storage or drive-up one, you will be able to access your power tools any time you want. Think which one is the best. If you are using your power tools often, you might consider getting one of the storage places close to your home. Also, some storage facilities will give you a month free if you pay for a few months in advance.

    Take care of your storage as much as you are taking care of your tools, keep it clean! This is the best way to keep your storage clean!

    Power tool Storage Rack

    If your storage unit is small and you want your tools to be safe and well organized, power tool storage rack is a good solution. The benefit of having a power tool storage rack is that all of your tools will be displayed and visible at any time. Therefore, you won’t lose your precious time searching for a specific tool, it will be right in front of you.

    Storing your power tools will be easy with a professional moving company. However, don’t forget to clean and prepare your power tools before you decide to place them in the storage unit.

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