Step-by-step commercial relocation checklist

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    Office move requires more planning and organizing than regular house moving. There is a lot to think about when relocating. It is useful to follow a commercial relocation checklist, made with the help of experienced professionals. Begin planning in time, the sooner the better. 

    Step-by-step commercial relocation checklist

    A checklist or a task list is very useful in any type of relocation. This is an excellent example for a period when people tend to forget even important jobs, let alone some smaller tasks. A simple list will help you to be on top of everything, and you will get things done with less stress. Always hire office movers Manhattan when relocating, because they have the necessary expertise in this type of move. You need to hire a moving company that offers commercial moving services. Start to explore movers well in advance, so you have enough time to hire them for the exact date you need. 

    The commercial relocation checklist has some tasks that are not included in residential moving, so you will easily skip them if you are not familiar with it.

    Commercial relocation steps

    Organize office documents and designate an area for moving needs

    Start with small steps. You can start with the first step even a year or 8 months in advance. Begin to sort out important documents from those you don’t need to move to a new office. If your office has been in this space for a long time you will certainly have a lot of papers piled up. Throw out everything you don’t need or you are not obligated to keep. 

    If you have a spare room or some other space you can use, leave it for moving purposes. You can pack documents in boxes and label them and leave there until you need to relocate. This way you will be able to prepare for relocation any time you have free time and finish in time without pressure and stress. 

    In case you have to keep some documents, invoices or contracts but you don’t use them, think about renting a storage unit. Many companies offer quality storage service, just make sure to choose the right size storage unit. This way you can safely keep everything without cluttering your new office space.

    Inform your staff

    Inform your staff about relocation at least a few months before. Keep them informed and involved in every step of the relocation. 

    Office space with large meeting table
    Frequent staff meetings will be helpful for everybody to stay informed about office relocation.

    It will be helpful for both you and them. Your employees also need to prepare for the move. People develop an emotional connection with their working space. To keep them motivated and happy you need to make sure that they realize why relocation is good for everybody. It is important to know how to prepare employees for relocation. Give them enough time to get used to the idea and plan and your business will keep growing and expanding.

    Ask your Chelsea moving company for a detailed floor plan so your staff can familiarize themselves with the new working space before you arrive. Movers will help you since they have a customized moving plan that is based on your particular needs. This is the biggest difference between commercial moving companies and ordinary movers. 

    Deal with the logistics 

    The next part of the move is to do all important logistic tasks. First, decide on the moving date. If you have already found a moving company, book them for the specific date. Make sure that you get a written quote from your movers. 

    Delegate assignments to your employees, everybody should know exactly what their job in the relocation. Make a plan or to-do list and make them visible to everybody. That common moving area is a great place for this. Organize meetings with your staff and make sure that they understand all the details. Also, assign a leader that will coordinate with employees and make sure that they follow through task lists.

    Notify people and companies

    Once you have finished with internal planning and communicating you need to notify companies and partners you are working with, about relocation. Commercial relocation checklist has an important step and this is to pass new contact information to everybody you are working with including your current landlord. Change addresses approximately a month or two before relocation. Don’t forget to update information on the website, social media, bank, suppliers, business cards. Find new internet provider and contact phone company so your day to day business continues without a glitch.

    Make inventory lists

    Do the inventory list of office material and supplies and see what you need to supply. Make an inventory list of office equipment to keep track of everything when you unpack. The commercial relocation checklist has to include a layout floor plan of the new office. Organize in advance every workplace and make sure to check with employees if they need something for their workspace. Things like new lighting, chair, computer or keyboard, phone or anything similar.

    Office desk with different office supplies is an important part of commercial relocation checklist
    The inventory list is helpful in many ways. You can use it before you move and also when you need to unpack in your new office space.

    Prepare keys, parking cards, and ID

    It is wise to prepare everything for your employees so they can just transfer to a new office without a hectic first day. Make sure that you have enough keys and parking cards if you are moving to a building with provided parking places. 

    Key inside a keyhole
    Don’t forget to supply your essential employees with the key to your new office or a building.

    Organize staff meetings

    At the end of your commercial relocation checklist are staff meetings. Organize a meeting a week before you are relocating to conclude every step of office relocation and to make sure that everybody has done their part. This will leave you a little time in case somebody forgot to do some tasks. Everything starts with a meeting with your employees and also it should be at least one more in the end. This way you will know what is already done and if what is left to do.

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