St. Patrick’s Day Events in Manhattan

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    There are a lot of St.Patrick’s Day events in Manhattan. It is a delightful holiday with a lot of attractive happenings. The date when it happens is March 17, meaning that you have only a few days to organize yourself. Manhattan moving and storage services will help you get organized and settled into a new home. The only thing you need is to wear a green wardrobe and put your smile on the face. Speaking about festive events, there are a few types of it.

    • You surely can spend the whole day having fun with friends and people who love this holiday in one of St. Patrick’s Day events in Manhattan;
    • It is a day when you can learn a lot about culture and history of Ireland;
    • Maybe the last chance to grab moving boxes Manhattan and come to New York to visit it – it is an excellent chance to learn about this city, too.


    St. Patrick's cathedral
    Follow the St. Patrick’s parade route in New York and enjoy the show

    One of the most famous St. Patrick’s Day events in Manhattan is a parade

    People love parades, and this is a day when you can see one of the most popular ones. Not only that, but they also wear a green wardrobe, you will see great choreography there. Also, you will have an opportunity to dance, eat candies, and enjoy a great atmosphere.

    Visit St. Patrick’s parade

    Everybody knows the famous St. Patrick’s Day parade. It is a very long tradition in New York and invites a lot of people. It starts from St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 50th Street and goes to 79th Street around 5:00 pm at the American Irish Historical Society at East 80th Street. If you have planned to come to New York for a living, you should hire an NYC-based company that knows how to organize moving smoothly.

    St. Patrick’s Day Events in Manhattan include a lot of drinking

    For some reason, this holiday is an opportunity to drink a lot. Besides high traditional Irish beverages, you can try great cocktails and beer. Many bars work longer on this day, offering new drinks and combinations. Most of them organize significant events and programs during this day, too.

    Lower East Side Bar Crawl

    You can come to New York just right before St. Patrick’s Day to visit this fantastic city. While you are enjoying sight-seeing in NYC, you can see how bars organized their events on this day. However, do not drink and drive and try to limit alcohol during this period.

    Whiskey is one of the favorite drinks

    Kiss Me, I’m Irish Bar Crawl

    It is one of the most popular places around Union Square. Not only do they have great cocktails , but also they have popular programs on St. Patrick’s Day. One of the most popular drinks they have invented, so you can consider them as very popular.

    Bar during the St. Patrick's Day events in Manhattan
    Bars have amazing programs during this holiday

    Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar

    You can spend some time drinking, socializing and listening to a great music on this day. Maybe it is not one of St. Patrick’s Day events in Manhattan that you have expected, but still a great way to spend St. Patrick’s Day in NYC with your family and friends.

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