Spring cleaning before moving a home to Financial District

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    Spring cleaning might seem unnecessary to do if you are moving house, but it is quite the contrary! What is more, a deep dive into all the nooks and crannies of your house beforehand will make your packing process easier and will give you a great start to it. Additionally, it will leave your current house in an excellent condition in case you are planning to sell it. Spring cleaning before moving a home is a must in order to complete your NYC moving experience.

    Plan your spring cleaning before moving

    Just as with any other task, it is best to make a plan and start ahead of time. A spring clean might be too demanding of a task to complete in one weekend. For that reason, we recommend to either dedicate a different day to each room or to a specific part of the cleaning process. Make checklists and you are ready to start spring cleaning before moving to New York. This will also help you when you are feeling unmotivated.

    A to do list
    A to-do list to get you started on spring cleaning before moving a home

    Be meticulous when cleaning before moving

    Get your cleaning gloves on and prepare yourself to clean all those areas you typically neglect during the year. Most often, people clean only the surfaces that are visible at first glance. But what about the inside of your freezer or underneath your furniture and appliances? Moving those objects on a regular basis is a true hassle, but now would be the right time to finally get around to doing it. You would be surprised at what you can find beneath your couch, maybe you uncover that the earring you misplaced isn’t exactly lost. Whatever you have been putting away to do is now due, like removing that mold in your bathroom or taking the carpets for a deep cleanse instead of just vacuuming.

    a woman with cleaning supplies
    Get ready to get cleaning!

    Decluttering and seasonal changes

    Decluttering is always a great idea, especially before moving. We accumulate copious amounts of things we don’t actually use and they take up a lot of valuable space. Make sure to go through all the forgotten drawers and not leave anything unchecked. Sorting through your clothes is another important task. You can put away all the jumpers, jackets and boots that you will not need for quite some time. When it comes to the summer clothes that have been sitting in your wardrobe, it is advisable to wash them in order to get them fresh and ready for use. Decluttering can serve to segue into packing up for the move. If you are already a local to NYC, this would be a great time to look into Financial District movers.

    Wrapping up the spring cleaning

    As the moving date is getting closer, you should be finishing up with the cleaning. You will be thanking yourself in your new apartment for deciding on spring cleaning before moving a home. The next step is to start thinking about proper packing and handling the actual moving of your furniture and things. Choosing a reliable moving company is extremely important. If you are not a local, cross country movers NYC is your best bet for a smooth moving experience.

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