Spending Christmas in Manhattan – where and with who

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    The most magical of times is soon upon us. You can feel it more and more. The days are getting shorter. The weather is getting colder. People are slowly getting into the holiday spirit. And that holiday is Christmas. But, if you are just done with moving to New York, you might be wondering about fun ways of spending Christmas in Manhattan. Well, whether you are going at it with your friends and family, or even alone, there are many places in NYC where you’ll be able to enjoy the Christmas spirit.

    Best places for spending Christmas in Manhattan

    People of Manhattan have been celebrating Christmass for a long time. In fact, besides Thanksgiving in Manhattan, it can be considered as the most celebrated holiday in New York. So, it should come as no surprise that there are many ways of spending Christmas in Manhattan. But, alas, Christmas doesn’t last forever. Therefore, you will have to choose one of all the possible Christmas events. So, in order to make it easy for you, we are going to list down a couple of NYC’s favorite Christmas events.

    Ice skating

    Ice skating is a time-honored Christmas tradition throughout NYC. Whether you are going to a bigger mall or visiting a local park, you will find that it is quite easy to find an ice ring for you to enjoy. And Christmas is the perfect time to do it. You don’t have to bring any equipment. They will provide you with both the skates and any protective gear that you might need. Plus, you will have warm drinks and delicious foods nearby in case you get hungry or thirsty. So come on down and enjoy the cold in the best way possible. Seeing your friends and family fall down in funny ways.

    Ice skating
    Ice skating can be a great way of spending Christmas in Manhattan.

    Christmas markets

    Christmas markets is another thing that you definitely shouldn’t miss. Just ask your interstate movers Manhattan about it. Some things are only available during seasonal holidays. Many markets open all around the NYC and you’d be a fool to miss out on them. Here you will find handmade items, delicious foods and creative gifts that you can give to your closest people.


    As anyone who has ever lived in NYC will tell you, there is always something happening at the mall. And during Christmas, mall tend to crank up their event planning scale to eleven. Simply go down to any bigger mall and you will witness, besides skating rings, a huge array of Christmas themed shops. Everyone seems to share the Christmas spirit, and if you want to experience it you best join in. Furthermore, you can bring your kids with you as many malls have Santas to grant them their wishes.

    Getting gifts
    You can either go to your favorite mall or visit a Christmas market and find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

    Rockefeller Center

    It’s hard to talk about spending Christmas in Manhattan without mentioning Rockefeller Center. Year after year, Rockefeller Center hosts the biggest NYC Christmas tree. If you haven’t seen it before, do yourself a favor and see it this Christmass. It is hard to completely describe it as it is truly majestic. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the many shops, restaurants, and events held and Rockefeller Center, after you are done soaking in the Christmas feel that comes from the tree.


    Christmas can sometimes be hard for single people. It is a family holiday, after all. But, if you are new to NYC and don’t have anyone to spend Christmas in Manhattan with, worry not. Simply go to your local bar or pub and you will have no trouble finding someone. More and more people in NYC are choosing to live alone. There is a lot of freedom in being single and not attached. But, that can leave a person wanting that special someone during holidays. Therefore, worry not. There are other singles just dying to meet you in the bar next door.

    With who you should spend it

    Spending Christmas in Manhattan properly always boils down to who you spend it with. Sure you can visit galleries, malls, and cultural centers around the City. You can even spend it watching tv. But, after an hour or two, all of that will be irrelevant. What will be relevant are the people who are sharing this experience with you. If you are stuck with the wrong people, no outside stimulus will make you enjoy spending Christmas in Manhattan. But, if you are with the right people, spending it will be a joy. Even if you just stay at home and watch TV.

    Spending Christmas in Manhattan while in a park
    You can even spend Christmas by walking around in a park. Just as long as you are with good people

    Family and friends

    Family and friends tend to be the safest option. Choose the people you like seeing, but don’t have the opportunity to see a lot. Now, this usually means that you will have to go the extra mile in order to be with them. But, trust us, it will be worth it. Either make your home welcoming and invite your family and friends over or go to them. Spending Christmas in Manhattan can be awesome, but having kind people around you is much more important. Just make sure that you plan for it months in advance. Traffic during holidays can be hellish, and it can completely ruin your mood for Christmas.

    Special someone

    Spending Christmass with your special someone can be a good idea, but you should consider it carefully. Christmas is, after all, regarded as a family holiday. Therefore, you shouldn’t isolate yourself with just your special someone. Now, if you haven’t seen them in a while and you manage to organize to spend Christmas together, go for it. But, if you see each other or regular basis or even live together, don’t isolate yourselves. Go out there and use Christmass to rekindle or reaffirm some old friendships.

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