Space-saving tips on how to arrange your attic?

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    Do you have an attic in your home? You can use it for storing your items. Why should you rent a storage unit and pay every month when you can utilize the extra space you have in your home? For this reason, you should arrange your attic so it can serve its purpose. Here are all the important tips for organizing your attic. However, keep in mind that you will need to spend a lot of time cleaning and organizing the space. Have one weekend free so you can tackle this big task. 

    Plan out how to arrange your attic 

    You need to decide first what to do with your attic. Will you use it only as storage? Maybe you will want to transform it into your home office, a small library, etc. If you are using the attic only for storage purposes, then you need to clean it first. However, if you plan to use it for multiple purposes, the approach is a little bit different. You should first see where to put your furniture. Take a look around your attic. Try to envision the final picture. Maybe you will be inspired to do something creative with space. In addition to this, you should take a measuring tape with you. Measure all the door frames to see if your furniture can fit through, just like when you moved with Greenwich Village movers.  After you decide the purpose of your attic, then you can start with cleaning and organizing.  

    big white bed
    You can use your attic for multiple purposes

    Clean your attic 

    Attics are known to be dusty and dark with spiderwebs and ghosts, but only in the movies. In the real-life, instead of ghosts, you can find bugs and other pests. Now, the reason for using your attic does not matter. In both cases, you need to clean your attic first, and then arrange it how you want. For this reason, you need to clear out your attic. Then, check the condition. See if you can some poking nails or screws, loose insulation, jittery floorboards, cracks in the wall and roof, etc. If you find some problems, make sure to fix it. Your items will get damaged if your roof is leaking, if the attic is damp, or invaded by pests. Then, there is no point in storing your items here. As for cleaning, first, use a vacuum cleaner. Then, clean it water and some good disinfectant 

    Arrange your attic by decluttering the space first 

    If you already keep something in your attic, you need to do an inventory. See what you stored there. Usually, this would include Christmas decorations, seasonal clothes, and items you do not use that often. Mostly, your attic would be a huge mess. For this reason, it is important to declutter your attic. It would be wise to separate your items into groups. 

    • Sell – you can see your items but only if they are in good condition. Organize a garage sale. However, if you do not have time, selling your items online is also an option. 
    • Donate – you can also donate items that are in good condition or if you do not manage to sell them. Contact local charities. In addition to this, major charities, such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army US, offer a free pickup. 
    • Throw away – everything ripped, stained, unusable. 
    • To keep– the remaining items. 
    an open briefcase
    Sell all the items you no longer need

    Gather packing supplies  

    Before you arrange your attic, you need to prepare your items. For this reason, gather packing supplies. You have several options. First, you can contact packing and moving companies NYC to buy supplies from them. Then, you can get creative and gather all of them by yourself. You can find cardboard boxes at your local stores, offices, large supermarkets, etc. Usually, they will give the box for free. Then, you can search online. There are a couple of websites where people donate their leftover boxes. Additionally, if you receive a lot of packages, aka online shopping lovers, keep the boxes. Next, you can use newspapers to wrap your items or save bubble wrapping from your old packages. Lastly, you will need tape to seal the boxes. Luckily, the tape is not expensive. Do not forget to get a market if you do not have one.  

    How to arrange your attic? 

    Now comes the fun part. After you clean your attic and pack your belongings, it is time to arrange your attic. This time it is important the purpose of your attic. If you plan to use it for multiple purposes, first, arrange the furniture. Set up your new office, library, or whatever you want the way you imagined.

    Then, you can add boxes for storage. On the other, if you plan to use your attic only to create additional storage in your home, add shelves. Shelves are the perfect solution when you need to save space. Instead of using space on your floor, you should use it the one on your walls. You can also add small labels on the shelves as well for better organization. In addition to this, you can stack your boxes. First, put big and heavy boxes and then the lighter ones on the top.  

    clothes on the hanger
    You can use clothing rods to save space

    More tips for saving space 

    Aside from adding shelves, you can also use clothing rods. This is perfect if you will use your attic primarily to store clothes. You will basically have a walk-in closet. However, do not just hang clothes without any protection. Use garment bags for this purpose. In addition to this, you can also use plastic bins for your items. They come in every size and color. They are perfect if you are using the attic for multiple purposes. You cannot create a cozy atmosphere when you have dozens of cardboard boxes in the room. For this reason, use plastic boxes with interesting patterns. Lastly, make an aisle so you freely walk around your attic and have access to every box in the room. 

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