Simple and effective decorating hacks for renters in NYC

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    Hip, hip, hooray! What has just finished is your moving day. Yet, many more things are on the way. For example, what to do with the moving boxes Manhattan movers use for packing and relocation? How to organize the new space and belongings? Are there any decorating hacks for renters in NYC that can refresh the apartment? Now, again say hooray! We have the answers to these questions. 

    When to use decorating hacks for renters in NYC?

    Before doing any refurbishing in your rented apartment, you should check with your landlords if they allow you to do so. If they aren’t keen on such ideas, then you have to find other ways to make the apartment more to your taste. That’s why alternative decorating ideas for NYC renters are useful. You can put a mask all the way around and enjoy it as if it was completely designed the way you prefer. Special wallpaper, light, covers, etc. have been proven to be really practical and beautiful

    And if you are wondering when is the right time to redecorate, it really depends. Most people like doing it right after their Manhattan movers finish relocating them. Some people start renting a flat a month before they actually move in. During that time, they refurbish the new apartment. Finally, not everyone can do it immediately, but they rather wait some time to pass.

    Wall decorating ideas for NYC renters

    You may find the walls in your new rented apartment boring or in a color that you aren’t fond of. And you mustn’t paint it as you are not allowed to do so. For that reason, one of the best decor tips for renters in NYC is using removable wallpaper. There are numerous beautiful designs and colors also coming in the form of removable wall murals.

    A bedroom for kids
    Just be creative and you will find a way how to decorate the wall without damaging it.

    Instead of wallpaper, you can buy some washi tape and put it on the walls. You can also combine more different designs. The main advantage is that washi tape is removable and easy to peel off. 

    Finally, spice up those walls with paintings, photos, mirrors, or some decorative figures that are meant to hang on the wall. Use adhesive no-drill hooks if you don’t want to make holes there. You might wish to add some paper garlands in case you have no paintings or photos. 

    What about the floor and ceiling?

    Old floors can be terrible. One way to deal with it is to put some rugs and carpets that can cover such ugliness. If you feel like that is not enough, you can cover the whole floor with a vinyl floor cloth. There are a lot of different patterns and that is why they make one of the top decorating ideas for NYC renters. As for your bathroom, try adding a shower floor mat that you like. 

    When it comes to the ceiling, take off the existing chandeliers and lights. You can install your own lighting fixtures. Just save the old ones so that you can put them back on the ceilings when or if you decide to move house. 

    Lighting and shelves as decorating hacks for renters in NYC
    Add your own lighting and removable shelves to make the new flat feel like home.

    How to organize the space and store your stuff?

    One of the biggest problems when moving house is downsizing. If you move to a small apartment, you will definitely need to use the space there smartly and effectively. In order to organize a small living space in NYC, you should be creative and think outside of the box. Install shelving all around the flat I to increase the storage space. What is more, numerous decor tips for renters in NYC are about adding shelves to rooms and walls. Not only are they practical but they also look amazing.

    Furniture decor tips for renters in NYC

    First of all, if you don’t like some items of furniture, as your landlord to change them. This is especially feasible if those items are damaged or broken. You might also be able to make a deal with them to add your own furniture instead of the existing one. In order to have a good bond with your landlord, you have to be a good tenant in Manhattan and request permission before making any changes in the apartment. 

    If you can’t refurnish anything or change the furniture there, then you will have to think of other ways of adapting the apartment to your taste. There are lots of decorating ideas for NYC renters, so you should choose one that fits your needs. For instance, if you don’t like the sofa or armchair, buy some covers for them.

    Kitchen decorating hacks for renters in NYC

    Decorating kitchens is one of the most difficult home improvement tasks. If you don’t like the existing kitchen in your rented apartment, but you can’t change it completely, try the following tips:

    • Detach the cabinet doors to open up space. Keep them safe to re-attach them when it’s time to move from that apartment.
    • Use the narrow spot beside the fridge to install a secret storage shelf.
    • Attach a rod to the wall and hang your dishcloths or utensils. 
    • Apply removable paper with a stainless steel effect on your appliances.
    • One of the greatest kitchen decorating hacks for renters in NYC is adding removable kitchen wallpaper or contact paper over the ugly old tiles or countertop.
    • Vinyl stickers also look nice and interesting on the backsplash. They are easily removable as well. 
    If you don’t like the tiles in your kitchen, cover them with some stickers, tile wallpaper or vinyl.

    DIY or professional assistance?

    If you believe you can do most of the refurnishing and refurbishing by yourself, then there is no need to seek professional help. However, in case you aren’t creative enough, you can hire someone to help you with their decorating hacks for renters in NYC and, of course, pay a big sum of money for them. Anyway, the thing of utmost importance is not to do anything that can’t be reversed to the previous condition. 

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