Should you save packing supplies for the next move

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    There is a big question if it is smart to save packing supplies for the next move. It was an important question even before Covid-19. Unfortunately, this pandemic and virus infection have made this question even more important. People ask themselves if it is safe to keep old boxes long after moving. How clean are they? The best moving companies Upper West Side could help you get necessary answers.

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    There are lot of ways to reuse old boxes

    Save packing supplies for the next move

    There are a lot of arguments that convince us to save moving boxes after moving. No matter if we have planned to move again in the near future. However, it creates new problems. If we disregard the problem with the infection, we should ask ourselves if we have space for them in our home. They could deteriorate in humid and moldy basements.

    • Whatever you have planned to do with your boxes, you should clean them properly;
    • It is worthless to keep old boxes if they are damaged – luckily professional packing services in NYC keep their boxes clean and protected;
    • You have to ask yourself if you have space for your boxes after moving – do not keep them if do not have a proper place to keep them clean and dry.

    It is very important for which purposes you have used those boxes. If you have used them for the wardrobe they are mostly in good condition and clean. You can easily use them for local moving again. However, boxes that have been used for heavy stuff are not that easily reusable.

    Disinfect boxes

    No matter for which purposes you have used boxes, you should clean and disinfect them after using them. It is not only because of actual infection with the viruses. There are a lot of diseases and bacteria infections that you should know about.

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    Do not forget that you will need lot of space for the old boxes

    Repair slightly damaged boxes

    You should learn how to repair split boxes and do it right after moving. Do not leave it for another day. It is easy to forget about those things and keep damaged boxes in the house for no reason.

    Save packing supplies for the next move but also for another purpose

    People who have moved recently claim that you should save your packing supplies no matter if you have planned to move again or not. There are a lot of ways to re-use boxes. Along with great DIY projects you can use them as insulation or even make a compost.

    Additional storage space

    You can use old boxes to make great storage for other things you have in your house. Do not worry about their look, you will use them only to keep stuff in one place. However, you can decorate them if you like.

    Old moving boxes
    You can make great DIY projects with the old moving boxes

    Make DIY projects

    It is very popular to make new stuff from the old boxes. You can make great shelves, and toys for the children. You should save packing supplies for the next move, it is for sure. However, you can create great new things and have some fun with your kids in the meantime.

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