Should you relocate a piano on your own?

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    Having a piano in your home not only fill it with beautiful music, but also make your home more stylish. It’s a gorgeous piece that complements any space. It is amazing how something so beautiful and useful can become such a hassle when you need to relocate it. Oh, it surely will, have no doubt about it. Pianos are very difficult to move because they are so fragile and so heavy and bulky at the same time. Its like no other household item and can get damaged easily. So, the question will be should you try to relocate a piano on your own? Or it will be best to hire professionals to handle its relocation? This guide can give you an answer to that.

    Benefits of hiring professional movers to relocate your piano

    When you have to relocate a piano, you will have to know it inside and outside. There are many hidden mechanisms and pieces that can detach during the move. Not to mention all the moving obstacles that you have to overcome. Like stairs, narrow halls, short doorframes and finding someone willing to help you carry that heavy load to and out of the moving vehicle. If you’re relocating to Manhattan or some other busy area, add traffic jams and narrow streets into the equation.

    Inside of piano.
    Outside, the piano looks sturdy. But on the inside, it’s very fragile.

    You have to worry about all that and so much more when you try to relocate piano on your own. On the other hand, when you hire professional movers for that task, all those worries go away. Surely, it may be an additional cost, but the one that’s worth every penny. It will decrease your stress level and make your move so much easier.

    Hiring a moving company means that you can relax while the professionals move your things safely, using the proper equipment, strategy, and vast experience. Also, your movers can recommend you the best storage facilities in Manhattan, if you have excess things that you wish to keep in the safe and secure place.

    Things to consider when hiring piano movers

    • Research the company – Some of the most reliable moving companies are offering the services of piano moving. Still, any time you need the assistance from the professional movers, make sure to do your homework. Go online and research the company that interests you the most. Check does it have a proper license, good reviews, strong reputation, and vast experience.
    • Verify the piano mover’s insurance – When it comes to insurance don’t take the word of the company. Ask for the proof and for movers to show you their policy. It is one of your moving rights, so use it when you have to relocate a piano.
    • Disclose any information about your relocation – Your movers should know in advance if there are some moving obstacles. If they do, they can prepare for it and bring some special equipment if necessary. It’s important to have an open dialog with your movers. That’s the only way to have an efficient, quick and safe relocation.
    • Get an in-house estimation – While you can get a free online estimate of your moving costs, the in-house estimation is necessary. It’s the only way to get an accurate estimation of the total moving costs. Most reliable moving companies will offer it for free.

    Relocate a piano on your own

    Pianos are extremely heavy and bulky. That means that you’ll have to ask your friends to help you relocate a piano. There’s no possible way that you can do it all on your own.
    Moving a piano without the help of professional movers requires a lot of preparation and hard work. Simply put, it’s like relocating an elephant made of glass. Very heavy and yet such a fragile item needs very delicate touch and a lot of patience to move.

    One single step can cause great damages to it, but also to your health. You need to learn how to move large items without getting injured in the process. Take this seriously, because moving injuries are really common and can cause you great harm.

    Hand injury that can happen when relocate a piano.
    Take this seriously, because moving injuries are really common and can cause you great harm.

    In order to relocate a piano, you will need to have a bulletproof plan and necessary equipment. Go throw your house, and establish the route of moving your piano. Take note of every possible obstacle, and take measurements. Preparing for possible outcomes can help you overcome them.

    If you’re determined to do to this dangerous and extremely hard task on your own, then research how to do it properly.

    Some basic tricks of moving a  piano on your own:

    • Get strong helpers – Depending on the type and size of your piano, you will need at least two to four helpers.
    • Keep it upright – Changing the piano’s orientation could cause to catastrophically snapping of the steel piano strings.
    • Get a piano dolly – This tool will keep your piano upright and level, so really consider acquiring it.
    • Wear protective gear – Keep your gloves on in all time, and wear proper clothing and footwear.
    • Don’t drag the piano – Dragging piano on the floors can end up with snapping one of the legs off. Lifting the piano completely off the ground is the only way to move it properly.
    • Use protective materials – Use a dolly, caster cups, moving pads and blankets to reduce damage to your floors when moving the piano.
    Grand piano
    Bigger piano, bigger hassle to move it.

    So, should you relocate the piano on your own?

    The most logical answer will be – no, you really shouldn’t. Not only that you will be risking damages to your instrument, but you’ll be putting your health in great jeopardy. And the health of your helpers also.

    Moving a piano on your own should always be your last resort. Even when you’re moving on the tight budget, try to wiggle it in a way that you can afford hiring professional movers. It’s not only the safest way to relocate a piano, but also the best way to have stress free and easier relocation altogether.

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