Should you move as an empty nester?

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    The kids have grown up and left home. You and your partner are now alone after so many years. That has both positive and negative sides. You certainly have more time to dedicate to yourself and your lifelong partner. You may also wonder if you should move as an empty nester now. The solution depends on your decision. If you feel like moving, hire Heart Moving Manhattan NYC to help you with that complicated process. If you prefer staying in the same place, then you might wish to make some changes.

    Reasons why to move as an empty nester

    There are numerous reasons why people decide to take this step. It is not easy at all to relocate as an empty nester, but it seems to be the best for some persons. To illustrate, why should you pay for a huge apartment with three bedrooms in Inwood? You can easily hire a moving company Inwood has in its range and move to a smaller place. Needless to say, it can also be cheaper living in a not-so-huge flat. 

    A man vacuuming the floor
    A smaller flat is not so expensive and difficult to maintain.

    You can save money on utility bills

    As we have already mentioned, average families with children usually live in large apartments with two or more bedrooms. But who needs those extra rooms that are not used anymore? In that case, it is a good idea to move when your children leave the house or flat. The benefits are mainly financial. The smaller the place, the lower the expenses are. You will pay less for electricity, water, or taxes. 

    Maintenance is easier when you relocate as an empty nester

    Imagine you have to clean and tidy up those bedrooms where your kids once lived. They will only cause you problems. Since you are getting older, cleaning so much space will become more difficult. That’s why it is beneficial to move as an empty nester to a smaller place. Therefore, you will have less space to maintain and you will not feel exhausted. 

    It can be warmer and more peaceful 

    When your kids move house, your home might seem empty and cold. Especially, when you enter your children’s bedrooms and see nothing. You will often expect them to appear and that will make you feel nostalgic. It is high time you found your own peace and quiet with your partner. When you relocate as an empty nester, you can live in a smaller flat or house. That way, it will be warmer and more comfortable. The feeling of emptiness and lack of people will be less strong. 

    Tips on how to relocate as an empty nester

    Here are some of the most important things to consider if you choose to move in that case:

    1. Do some decluttering. You and your grown-up children don’t need the old toys, furniture, and clothes.
    2. Check ideas for hidden storage potential in small apartments and you will easily place all your stuff. There is no reason to be afraid of downsizing.
    3. In order to move as an empty nester, carefully choose which moving company you are going to ask for help. There are lots of rogue movers.

    Reasons why not to move when your children leave the house

    Although you might have numerous reasons to relocate, there are also some indicators that it might not be a good idea indeed. Whether you are going to relocate as an empty nester greatly depends on your own preferences. That is why you have to think about all the advantages and disadvantages. Only then can you make the right decision.

    Kids jumping on the bed
    The bedrooms are full of powerful memories. Whenever you are inside, you will reminisce about those pictures.

    You don’t want to leave your memories behind

    That house or apartment is home to all your family memories. You might have watched your kids grow up there. All those family gatherings and lunches happened in that dining room. It can be too hard for your heart to move when your children leave the house and put those beautiful memories behind. If you don’t relocate, you will always have those sentiments in front of your eyes. 

    It can be exhausting to move as an empty nester

    No matter how old you are when your kids become independent, it can be really difficult to move house. If you are employed, you don’t really have so much time for relocation if that is not truly necessary. If you are an elderly person, it can be physically exhausting to relocate as an empty nester at that moment. All that labor, packing, lifting, transporting, etc. are detrimental to your health. 

    You can refurbish your existing home

    If you don’t want to relocate, you can always make some changes to your home. If you work at home, you can use the child’s old bedroom and transform it into an office. Try applying some home office design ideas. Also, you can make it become a guest room or some in-house storage. Remember to be creative and practical. 

    Tips on how to enjoy as an empty nester

    Whether you are going to relocate as an empty nester or not, it is important to make sure you don’t get depressed. Many people have problems coping with the fact their children have moved out and miss them a lot. However, you should use that situation as an opportunity to enjoy yourself. Take a look at the following advice:

    1. Enhance the relationship with your partner.
    2. Learn something new or start exercising.
    3. Spend more time with friends.
    A middle-aged couple looking at the laptop and deciding whether to move as an empty nester
    You have plenty of time for yourself and your partner. Discuss your wishes together.

    Think twice before you decide

    People are different and we all have various wishes. Not every person would be keen on staying in the same place. On the other side, not every person would like to move as an empty nester when they don’t have to. It is essential to think carefully before you make a move. Listen to your mind and heart! Now you have time for yourself!

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