Should you discuss your move on social media?

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    Nowadays, social media took over every aspect of people’s lives. The world has come to the point if you are not on some social media then it’s like you don’t even exist. You probably saw on your feed post from friends about their activities from daily to special occasions. All big events are posted on social media and move certainly falls in that category. As you are contacting long distance movers Manhattan, you might wonder if it is okay to boast about your impending move. However, if you decide to discuss your move on social media, you also must think about risks that could follow. Between all moving boxes, you don’t want to add more problems to your list. 

    Security risk that could happen if you discuss your move on social media 

    It’s normal to feel excited about a new house and want to share it with other people. However, it’s better to do it in person than online. You might think if you set your account on private, you have secured it from strangers’ eyes. However, if you use common hashtags under your pictures or in your posts, other people also might see it. When you are busy with Inwood movers, potential thieves could be busy with robbing your house. 

    It’s a risk you should not take just for a sake of other people’s attention. However, if your desire to overshare is too strong, you should look for ways to secure your house. It is always good to be safe than sorry and this is especially true when it involves your property. 

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    Be careful when you post things on social media

    A good aspect of social media about the move 

    Social media is great to keep in touch with people you don’t see that often in real life. You might have cousins all around the world and you can’t possibly tell everyone about your move. This is when social media may come in handy. With one click, all your relatives, friends, and acquaintances will know about your future move. This time, you can look for movers in Manhattan NYC too. Professional help is always welcome.

    Another example of when social media come in handy is for your job. If you have regular customers on social media, they also will be notified about your change of address. Also, change your address on Linkedin profile only after your move is completed and you have already settled in. 

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    You can connect with your family and friends via social media

    Tips about social media you should keep in mind 

    Today, it’s normal to be carried by a desire to be in fashion with social media and to want to discuss your move on social media. However, here are a few things you should keep in mind. 

    • Make sure you set your account on private so only your friends can see it 
    • Don’t post a picture of your new home before you move in 
    • Avoid discussing financial information about your new home 
    • Don’t announce the moving day 
    • Don’t announce new address before your move-in 
    • Use the platform to write a message to meaningful people in your life.
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