Should you buy used moving boxes when relocating to Manhattan?

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    When you are moving to Manhattan there are a lot of questions about moving, but also about Manhattan. Here we will talk about both, but mainly about the topic that is really important, especially nowadays and that is the question should you buy used moving boxes when relocating to Manhattan? There are more answers than one obviously, but there is only one that is right. At the end of the day, it is your decision to make, but here you will find some helpful advice on how to handle this type of question. Some of the Manhattan moving companies are already using used moving boxes in order to protect the environment. So, what should you do? Let’s see some of the possible answers after which you can make an informed decision.

    Is it a good decision to buy used moving boxes when relocating to Manhattan?

    So, this is the question, that you are probably asking yourself when you need to pack for a move. Should you buy used moving boxes when relocating to Manhattan, or maybe you should spend some money on new boxes? Whatever you decide you should also have in mind what will you do after, with the leftover boxes? We guess that this decision will be based on whether you have bought new boxes, or you are sticking with the old ones. Basically, if you use old boxes for the move you will probably want to recycle them. It means that you are taking care of the environment.

    decision making
    Make sure to know all facts before making the final decision

    It is all about that nowadays, there are more and more people who are trying to recycle and to protect nature in any way possible. So, choosing used boxes instead of new ones, is you helping nature at least in some way. It is not a small thing to do this, and it is definitely important.

    Cons of using used boxes for a move

    Like everything else in life, there are pros and cons to why you should or shouldn’t do something. The same goes for using boxes that were already used at some point. Cons reasons are very simple.

    • These boxes can be dirty, and it is not like you can wash them
    • Since they are used, they can be weak
    • You cannot choose the size
    • They can be really dusty, with maybe some insects in them

    These reasons may be enough for you to decide not to use, used boxes for your move. You can end up with dirty clothes, or maybe even with an injury. Since used boxes may be weak they can break and anything inside it can fall on your feet. Literally. So, think about these things before you decide to look for some used boxes.

    empty box
    Not all used boxes are suitable for relocation

    Pros for using used boxes

    We already mentioned why is it good to buy used moving boxes when relocating to Manhattan. One of the main reasons is that in this way you are protecting the environment. However, there are other reasons as well. Buying a used box is way cheaper than buying a new one. When you are moving every dollar counts. You will need a lot of money because no matter how cheap moving company you find, or you have friends over to help you, moving can cost quite a bit. That is why a great solution at least part of the solution can be to simply buy used moving boxes when relocating to Manhattan. One of the most common moving mistakes that people make is buying completely new packing supplies.

    Buy used moving boxes from moving companies

    Some of the moving companies are using completely new moving boxes for your move. On the other hand, there are moving companies that are using used ones. It all depends on what do you want. Some companies will be able to let you choose. And then others will only have one option for you. That is why, you should check a company such as a Nomad moving company, to make sure that they can provide you with the packing material that you want. Basically, it is all about the research. You can find what you want and need if you are patient and if you try to find it.

    In the end, what is cheaper?

    When it comes to moving costs, what is cheaper? It may seem that used boxes are way cheaper than the new ones. It makes complete sense; however, not necessarily. It may be completely the other way around. When you think about all the mishaps that can happen when you use a used box. If something breaks because the box was weak, it may be more expensive then it would be if you have simply bought a couple of new boxes. Also, things can get dirty if the inside of the box was filled with dust and bugs.

    So, when it comes to money buying new boxes can actually be cheaper than using the old ones. On the other hand, if you can find some well preserved used boxes, then you are golden. Not only that this is environmentally friendly but also you will save money, and nothing from your items will be damaged.

    boxes on the cart
    You can save money if you choose to use old boxes

    It all comes down to the current situation. If you can find some boxes that are used but in a really good condition go for it. If not, it is better to buy new ones. It is all about what is easier for you in the given moment. However, some research on this matter won’t hurt. So, if you have enough time, do your research on how if you are using used boxes can help the environment, and why this can be bad for your items on the other hand. Whatever you decide, we hope we helped with your decision. Good luck with the move!

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