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    Moving house is a big deal. Fortunately, there are professionals who deal with it and help us a lot. No matter if it is a case of long-distance or short-distance moving, problems are similar. Even though the latter may seem easier, it can be tricky. Of course, hiring a NoMad moving company to relocate from one street to another in the same neighborhood requires spending some money. However, it is definitely a smart investment. Therefore, start planning right now. And we are here to share some advice and guide you through the whole process. 

    Plan on short-distance moving ahead

    Don’t fall into a trap of thinking that you can move easily to a street in the vicinity without much planning. If you are moving a short distance, you should start planning on time. There is a lot on the plate: finding reliable movers NYC, packing, transporting stuff, etc. All of them take plenty of time. That’s why a spotlessly good organization is essential. When you start preparing early enough, you can pay attention to details. That way, you can minimize the possibility of mistakes and unpredictable situations to appear. 

    A man holding his hands in front of his face and sitting on his car with boxes.
    Don’t let the unpredictable surprise you and ruin your moving day. Plan your move days ahead.

    Budget wisely while moving a short distance

    Another trap that you may fall into is that you believe moving a long distance is more expensive than a short-distance relocation in NYC. That’s simply not true as local moving can often be really expensive. It is a good idea to get a free moving estimate so that you approximately know how much money you need. You can also call a moving company and schedule an appointment. They will come to your place and make a more precise estimate. 

    Moreover, you ought to bear in mind that companies charge you on an hourly basis. The average rate is $25–$40 per mover per hour. They might also charge you one additional hour for the time spent to arrive at your place of living. 

    Create a moving inventory checklist

    No matter how far you move, a good plan is necessary. What greatly contributes to it is a moving inventory checklist. Go from one room to another and write down every single item of furniture, clothing, decoration, etc. You can also add details about which box you will put them into. In spite of the fact that you are moving a short distance, it is better to do everything orderly. This list will help you with the organization. That way, you can keep track of every single thing you are about to move. 

    Get the right packing supplies and materials

    Whenever you relocate, you need moving boxes and other supplies. They are of utmost importance as they protect your belongings from most damages and breaks. Even though you are moving a short distance, that doesn’t mean you should carry your stuff in plastic bags. Some items are difficult to pack. What is more, you might have to use specialty moving boxes for some of them. For example, electronics or paintings can’t be carried in normal cardboard without any additional protection. 

    A woman preparing her boxes for short-distance moving
    Get enough packing supplies, such as boxes, tape, protective materials, in order to transport your stuff safely.

    As for usual boxes, you can use your old ones if you have any. Furthermore, you can get some for free from your friends, neighbors, colleagues, or relatives. 

    Don’t forget to label every box and bag. By doing so, you will make the unpacking process a lot faster and easier. Also, if you write “fragile” on some boxes, movers will know that they have to pay special attention to those and handle them with caution. 

    Find a reputable short-distance moving company

    This is one of the most important steps before the move. The worst thing that can happen is to hire some rogue movers and become a victim of various frauds. Most of those bad moving companies charge a lot and have exorbitant prices. Here are some tips on how to avoid them:

    • Ask your relatives and friends for some recommendations.
    • If one short-distance moving company seems fine, double-check the details.
    • Scan through their website and visit their office.
    • Contact them through various media — talk in person, phone, or chat online.
    • Read online reviews on reliable websites and forums. 
    • Check the U.S. Department of Transportation records to find the licenses.
    • Compare their offer to other offers you get.

    Invest in insurance for a short-distance relocation

    So, you are moving locally and you hope nothing will happen for a period of 15 minutes while movers are transporting your stuff. That’s not the right approach. One second is enough for your belongings to get damaged or lost. The fact that it is a short-distance relocation is not significant as that one moment can happen at any time. However, by getting the right insurance, you will make sure all damages and losses will be compensated. Besides, movers themselves will be more careful.

    A couple giving high five surrounded by moving boxes
    Ask other people you know well for help no matter if you have hired professionals or you are moving by yourself.

    Short-distance moving by yourself 

    If you aren’t keen on the idea of paying for professionals to take care of your relocation, then you will have to do it yourself. In case you are moving a short distance, your friends and relatives will most likely be glad and eager to assist you. However, DIY moves aren’t as inexpensive as they seem at first. You need a van, packing materials, food and drinks for the people who are helping you, moving equipment, etc. You might also wish to offer some money to those people as well. 

    Not nearly as easy as it seems

    All in all, you should be aware of the fact that every relocation process requires a good plan and organization. The same goes for short-distance moving, even though it might seem easy. In fact, it can turn into a nightmare if not planned well. Therefore, put everything on paper and think about it carefully. ]

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