Short-distance moving NYC guidelines

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    Are you moving for the first time? Here are some easy short-distance moving guidelines that will help you relocate efficiently without any stress.

    Before the move

    Moving a short distance to a house on the next block or the nearby city is the easiest relocation you can have. Organizing this type of the move may not be hard but it will require some of your free time and effort. Keep in mind that short-distance moving may be completed in a day. That is the optimal time to relocate two bedroom apartment to a new location. That is the common practice when you use reliable movers and the best packing services in Manhattan.

    Even though short distance relocations are usually simple, you should calculate your moving budget in advance. That way you will know how much money you can spend on your movers. On the other hand, you should plan your moving timeline in advance especially if its the busy season for movers. With the moving day in mind and the overall budget, you can consider the best moving company in NYC for your relocation.

    Planning your move

    travel bags
    Use the packing boxes, plastic bins and other bags you have for packing when moving long distance.

    You should start preparing for your move in advance. Depending on the amount of the items you have to move, calculate how much time you will need to organize and pack everything. The best way not to forget anything is to make a to-do list. The list will help you organize better. On the other hand, the satisfaction will be higher when you check off items on your list one by one.

    When you are preparing short distance relocation consider asking your friends and family members to help you organize and relocate. You will be able to save quite the sum if you have someone helping you. Organize your friends to help you declutter your home. Also, you will move a lot faster if you have someone helping you pack every item in your home.

    Hiring Movers

    When moving across the street you may not need quality moving service to relocate your belongings. If that is your situation, organize your friends to help you move and carry big and bulky pieces of furniture and appliances. Hoewer, if you are moving to another city, you will need professional moving assistance. Finding reliable  Manhattan moving companies should be a priority. When organizing the short-distance moving process, take time to research the best movers NYC.

    The first step should be finding the companies near you that have an exceptional online presence and great reviews. Reliable moving companies with years of experience will share the most important information about the company on their websites. While you read through you will find out about the services they offer and the types of the move they perform. On the other hand, official moving reviews can show the company’s professional approach and communication.

    If you can visit the moving company’s offices in person. Ask about the company’s license number and the rates they offer for short-distance moving. Your movers should explain the moving process, the moving insurance policies they offer etc. They will answer all the questions you may have regarding your move. You should ask a moving company’s representative for the moving quote or the estimate of your moving costs. That way you will know how much the short-distance moving process will cost.

    The short-distance moving packing process


    water glass
    Keep plenty of refreshments available on a moving day.

    Before you start the packing process make sure to declutter your home. Consider getting rid of all the items you no longer use and don’t need. That way you will downside the overall moving cargo and save on relocation expenses. Also, having fewer items to move will speed up the moving process.

    If you are moving by yourself you don’t have to worry about getting all the quality moving boxes Manhattan for packing your belongings perfectly. However, when moving a professional moving service you should consider getting some of the packing materials for your move. In some cases, your movers may provide the packing materials when short-distance moving. But if that is not the case consider getting cheap or free moving boxes for packing your belongings.

    If you are moving on a budget you can pack by yourself. Consider using the items you already have when packing your belongings. You can use these some everyday items for padding when packing your fragile and breakable items for transport. These items include towels, old shirts, blankets, cushions, and similar items.

    Tips for the moving day

    If you are moving by yourself, use our short-distance moving guidelines for the day of your move. Make sure to stay hydrated and have plenty of fluids on hand. If you have friends who help you move and carry furniture, keep refreshments for everybody. Also, you should consider having some snacks or sandwiches for your moving crew. On the other hand, if movers relocate your belongings, you should offer them refreshments when they arrive and keep bottles of water close by.

    When you are moving most of the moving boxes on a moving day consider wearing comfortable clothes. Professional movers will also advise you to wear comfortable shoes. Make sure to avoid open-toed shoes or sandals to prevent slipping or injuries. When you wear comfortable shoes your toes will be protected even if you drop something on your feet. If you don’t have anyone helping you on a moving day, consider hiring quality NYC movers to carry the heaviest pieces of furniture. Leave the heaviest kitchen appliances to your movers. That way you will help finish the short-distance moving process more quickly without injuries.

    After the move

    After your movers bring the boxes into your home it is time for cleaning. Make sure to scrub your new residence from top to bottom using strong cleaning products. If you have small children and pets make sure you buy eco-friendly cleaning products. After you unpack and clean your home, the short-distance moving process will be completed.

    cleaning supplies
    Clean your new residence in detail after you unpack.
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