Short-distance moving hacks you should explore

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    While a short-distance move is not as challenging as a long distance one, it still comes with a lot of things to take care of. And, while it’s true you can simply stack your car with your whole household and drive back and forth a couple of times, we believe you are here in order to avoid such gruesome relocation. So, without further ado, let’s see what are those short-distance moving hacks you should explore. They ought to make your move into a simple, effective and positive adventure.

    Don’t wait until the last minute to start

    Further meaning that you should, as a matter of fact, start early. Even a short-distance move can turn into a nightmare that lasts a number of days when you don’t have your organization straight. So, in order to make your move as short as the distance, you need to travel, start with preparations as early as you can. It can be a simple chore, such as scoping out your moving company, or looking for short-term storage in Manhattan, if you need one. Take this time to plan each part of your move with due care. Such an approach will ensure that you stay on top of each task, all the while staying calm and collected.

    A person looking at a watch
    Be smart with managing your time. It will make the relocation much less stressful.

    Acquire quality boxes

    This is one of those short-distance moving hacks that can easily be applied for any other move. No matter the distance you are traveling, you want your belongings to keep their impeccable state. A short-distance trip might not be as long or as challenging as a long one. However, unless you are gliding on ice, there will be some bumps on the road you will have to deal with. Thus, it would be wise to ensure the safety of your possessions in case of a bumpy road. You can do this by protecting them with quality packing materials. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to find good boxes. If you start on time, as suggested, you can visit your local grocery, clothing and liquor stores, and ask for some firm, odorless and undamaged boxes.

    Use the packaging that you already have

    Having that you don’t have a long road ahead, feel free to follow one of our favorite short-distance moving hacks. Improvise. Surely you have some suitcases, bags, drawers, and baskets. Why not use these objects as items that hold other belongings? After all, you are bringing them along as well, right? Bags are great for soft items, such as clothing and beddings. Drawers can keep all that they have inside them already, just make sure to keep them shut with the help of plastic foil. However, restrain from using this option for packing valuables and fragile items. Rather keep them in their original packages or the boxes your previously acquired.

    A brown bag on a wooden floor
    After all, a bag is designed to hold items. Why not use it for such purpose?

    Label your boxes

    This will make both the packing and unpacking much easier. True, it might take a bit of your time, but it will pay off. It allows you to keep track of your possessions. You will know what is packed and where. So, if you need, say a ladle whilst in the midst of relocating, you’ll know exactly where to look. It will also prove to be useful for the loading part. You will know which box takes precedence over the others in terms of unpacking, so you will know to load it last. And when you arrive, you will know where to place each box right away. There are various methods of labeling. Some of our favorites include color coding, numbering the boxes according to their importance and naming the box in accordance with the items it carries. Find a system that suits you best, and you’re good to go.

    If you are looking for short-distance moving hacks, it means it’s time to declutter

    Let us elaborate. If you are looking for short-distance moving hacks, that means that you have a move approaching. And every move is a perfect opportunity to declutter. None of us are aware of the abundance of unnecessary items we keep hidden in the darkest corners of our homes. And it is because they are unnecessary that we forget about their existence. So, since you are already going to go through your whole home top to bottom, it would be quite wise of you to use this opportunity and declutter. The end result will be moving into your new place, carrying only the items that you actually need. The fastest way to declutter is to go room-to-room and be objective. A simple rule to follow is that if you haven’t used an item for longer than 6 months, and it has no emotional value, you will do just fine without it.

    An untidy shelf filled with various items
    One of the best short-distance moving hacks is to get rid of the items you don’t need.

    Do not restrain from seeking assistance

    We’ll be honest, a short-distance move is not too hard to handle in a DIY setting. You can gather a couple of friends, get them to help you with packing and moving for a simple bribe of good pizza and a few beers. However, some of them might not show up on time come moving day. You can have a smart guy in the crowd who packs plates with tools. Your floor in the new place can be ruined if the heavy furniture is not properly handled. And so on and so forth, you get the picture. On the other hand, hiring professionals, say Tribeca movers will ensure that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible. With a moving company, you know that those people know how to do their job, and to it properly for that matter. Signing a contract means that the movers have to oblige to all the details you have agreed upon. That means showing up on time, being responsible for the safety of your items and knowing how to address every situation. This is one of those short-distance moving hacks that can be neglected but is very important. Especially if you want to have a move with a successful outcome.

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