Self-storage for college students 101

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    College years are usually the most interesting part of a person life. They don’t have to suffer living with parents and they don’t have to deal with obligations of adults. Suddenly you are out of high school and you find yourself in a place where everyone is learning new things and exploring themselves. But, during college years, you might find yourself gathering more things than you can handle. Be it that you need to move, or your dorm room is too small, you might need to find self-storage for college students. Well, in order for you to do that properly, we have made this comprehensible guide for you to get informed.

    Why students usually need self-storage

    During their college years, students find themselves in need of self-storage for many different reasons. Yes, they all boil down to “I need a place to store my items for a certain period of time“. But, the details of how to approach self-storage can change dependant on your particular situation. Heck, some people even start working out of a storage unit.

    Moving back home

    It’s not uncommon for people to move back home after college. If that happens, it might be a good idea to find self-storage for students. If you move all of your items back home, you will fall into a risk of getting too nested. You’ve done all those years of college to move your life forward, not go back. So, in order to constantly have a sense that you should move out, you need to leave your items out of your home. A storage unit can be a great solution as it will also remind you of how much time has passed since you have moved in. Just make sure that when you rent a storage unit, you get one for which you can easily extend the time. You never know how long you are going to stay with your parents.

    College graduates
    Finishing college is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

    Semester abroad

    A lot of US students choose to do a semester abroad. Respectable colleges can organize accommodation and scholarships, but they cannot pay for you to move every item you have. Most likely, you will have to place certain items in storage during your semester abroad. This shouldn’t be hard as you have the exact time of departure and return. Just make sure that your items are properly packed. Find moving boxes Manhattan and make sure that they have good isolation and that you put enough padding in. You will not be able to check up on your items while you are abroad. Therefore, you need to make sure that they are as safe and sound as possible.

    leaving for a semester abroad
    In order to enjoy your semester abroad, you need to find reliable self-storage for college students.

    Finding a job

    Another thing that happens to people after they leave college is that they find a job right away. Who knew that was possible in today’s economy? Well, if you are a part of the lucky few, you might need to get self-storage for college students. Self-storage for college students can be cheaper than self-storage for regular citizens and the company might offer some student discount. Figure out if the price difference is worth the hassle. Especially if you are moving to a different town, and you think that you will need your items soon. Some moving companies, like Chelsea moving company, will move items from your storage to your new home. Time is money, and you need to know how to spend it well.

    How to find self-storage for college students

    In order to not worry about your items while they are in storage, you need to find a reliable company that offers storage. Now, many people look for self-storage. Therefore, many companies have opened up that offer it at competitive prices. You need to figure out which one works out best for you. Some of the companies you might consider are:

    • Extra Space Storage
    • Public Storage Inc.
    • U-Haul International Inc.
    • Derrel’s Mini Storage Inc.
    • Sovran Self Storage Inc.
    • CubeSmart
    • Platinum Storage Group
    • Simply Self Storage
    • Storage Mart

    Looking online

    When you look online for self-storage for college students online, there are a few steps you need to take. First, you need to figure out which company offers you the best storage plan. How long will you need storage? What are the benefits of using short term storage Manhattan over long-term storage? How maintained does it have to be? Does it need climate control? All of these questions impact the total price you will have to pay. Next, you need to look at reviews. Every company is going to say that they are reliable, safe etc. But, that doesn’t have to be true. Check the company on Yelp or some other independent website in order to find out how satisfied their customers really are.

    Find proper find reliable self-storage for college students.
    You need to do some research if you are going to find a good storage company.

    Asking around

    A good way to find a reliable self-storage company is to simply ask around. There is a high chance that one of your college friends has used self-storage. If that is not the case, then their acquaintances have definitely done so. Find out their impressions and get their recommendations. More often than not, they will be able to tell you things that you cannot find online. A little legwork can yield you great information. Plus, other students will probably tell you about local self-storage companies, so you will have no problem with keeping your storage clean.

    LegalThe last, but in no means, the least, important step is to make sure that you completely understand the contract you are signing for self-storage. Companies can hide certain aspects of payment. You need to make sure that you are familiar with the whole document and that you know what will happen in every situation. There are no stupid questions. Do not be afraid to ask them to explain any part that may seem confusing. If needed, you can even get legal counsel so that you make sure that nothing shady goes on.

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