Rules of packing for an interstate relocation: Efficient DIYs

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    When you are about to move long-distance, there are some rules you need to following order to make your relocation go smoothly. Those rules are as simple as they can get. And as long as you are following them, your moving and packing will be a piece of cake. It does not have to be a stressful experience as people might say. So, if you are looking for some efficient DIY projects and you are good in the organization, follow the rules of packing for an interstate relocation. But first, before you start packing, call and hire Heart Moving NYC, the company that will give its best to help you relocate.

    Why is interstate moving stressful?

    Someone says that it is the most stressful time that person can have in their life. Why is that? Well, sometimes interstate moving can be quite expensive and people tend to get overwhelmed. There is a lot of jobs to be done. From packing, sorting, and after the move unpacking, all of your items can take your time. But as we said, it does not have to be like this at all. All you have to do is follow the rules of packing for interstate moving and you will be on your finish line in no time. So, do not panic and hire some of the most reliable long distance movers NYC.

    don't panic written in scrabble words
    There is no need to panic when planning an interstate relocation

    Rules for packing for an interstate relocation

    There are a few simple rules you have to follow in order to move without too many disruptions. We will list some of them. But, you should always have in your mind this. If you are not good at organization and you do not have enough time to pack all of your items, you should consider packing services NYC can offer you.

    Rule number 1: make a good plan

    You can start by writing down a list of things that you find most important when it comes to interstate moving. The list can contain all sorts of details. Such as how long will it take to go through some processes, like packing. Make a list of all the companies and services that you are willing to hire. You can write down the number of interstate movers NYC. Since we are sure you have done the research of the most reliable companies, writing down their contacts will help you make that call that you are planning to.

    Rule number 2: early start is a key

    If you already know that you are about to move to some other state, the packing process should begin earlier than you thought so. So the first thing you need to do is pack the items you are not using first. For example, that can be the clothes for the opposite season. This means that if you are about to move in summer, winter clothes should be packed first. If there is some clothing that you know you will not wear anymore, sell them or donate them.

    woman wearing winter clothes
    One of the rules of packing for an interstate relocation is to pack the clothes you will not wear until the next season.

    Next one of the rules of packing for an interstate relocation is organizing packing

    Everything can be used for packing. This also includes the suitcases that you possess. So use them to pack some small items in them. Or maybe you can use them to pack your clothes. This way the clothes will not be wrinkled and you will be easier to unpack after the move.

    Labeling the boxes is also very important. When you are about to move long-distance, packing comes much earlier. So until the moving day comes, you might have forgotten where are all of your items. By labeling them, you are just helping yourself to find the essential items after the move. 

    One of the greatest tips you can get is to rent Manhattan storage. This way you can place your boxes in storage and be okay with the fact that your belongings are safe and sound. The boxes will wait to be unpacked and you will have enough space in your home to circle around and do the rest of the tasks that you need for the relocation. 

    Rule number 4: smart packing is crucial

    So, instead of wasting money on bubble wrap or moving supplies, you can wrap the fragile small items in your clothes or towels. This way you are preventing terms from getting damaged while the transportation. You can always make a great DIY project and make the best packing and wrapping supplies with the old newspaper or clothes that are not for donation. The plus side when it comes to these projects is that you can save some money. You can avoid breaking your budget on DIY projects.

    woman sitting on a floor
    A DIY project can help you save money.

    Rules of packing for an interstate relocation: Liquids and furniture as two important types of items

    When it comes to packing the furniture, make sure that you can do it by yourself. If you are not able to do it and you are not sure how to lift them, do not do it. Leave it to the professionals. They know how to lift bulky furniture without getting hurt. Moving injuries are one of the most common ones when it comes to interstate relocation. So, all you can do is maybe disassemble large items, defrost the refrigerator and clean it after.

    And speaking of the liquids and other questionable items such as shampoo, the one thing you can do is wrap them under the ids. You can also make some projects and make boxes that will be just for the liquid items.

    The most important rule: keep all of your documents with you

    This means that passports, IDs, bank books, etc. must be by your side as long as you are traveling and moving. This is also the rule when it comes to the charger of your phone or the laptop if you are about to use it while relocating.

    There is one more in the sea of rules of packing for an interstate relocation. You will need help. This doesn’t apply only to the moving companies. This means that you need to getter all of your friends and family to help you out. It will not only make your packing more interesting. It will also help you go through your emotions and maybe let them out so that you can deal with an interstate relocation easier.
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