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    When we were kids, for most of us, packing was rather fun! It was the first step before we finally go on for a vacation – an adventure! We would pack are an admittedly small amount of possessions, such as our favorite toys clothes, into our tiny little suitcases and follow our parents on that holiday trip. However, room-by-room packing guidelines deal with a different kind of packing. This one is more in line to the activity most of us hated as kids. decluttering our rooms!

    It was most often irritating to go around the room and put everything in order. Some things we were surprised to find, others we used frequently and liked them more in the “messy state”. It was nothing like fun-time packing before a trip. It was slow and irritating. This is much more akin to packing everything around your house, apartment or a condo. Therefore, this is a difficult task best done orderly and with clear guidelines. With this in mind, not a lot of people enjoy doing it. Going through possessions and putting them into packaging (rather than in order) is tiresome. Alas, it is necessary. This is why we compiled these room-by-room packing guidelines. These will cover all the important rooms of your home and help you prepare for packing each and every one of them!

    Rule zero of our room-by-room packing guidelines

    • Before we go room by room (or before you just give up and call packing and moving companies NYC to do it for you) let us see what you need to do. For sound foundations for your endeavor, you will need to do few things. These being:
      • Decluttering – before anything that these room-by-room packing guidelines can teach you can commence your rooms have to be clear and easily examinable.
      • Cleaning – of any obvious trash, as well as dust of the possessions themselves. You will be getting close to them and you don’t want to breathe in all of that dust!
      • Making a checklist – rule zero of our guidelines for packing your rooms is to get everything organized on the checklist.
    Rule zero of our room-by-room packing guidelines
    Checklists are an amazing way to keep track of things.

    But how to go on about it? What should this checklist contain, and is there even a point in making a checklist? After all, who knows your stuff better than you do? Right?

    Well, first let’s consider that humans have a rather faulty memory and are prone to rationalizations. There is a little bit of a hoarder mentality in each and every one of us, and we need to put things into perspective as to avoid rationalizing what we want to keep even though it makes no sense…

    Checklists should contain a few different categories of stuff:

    • Those you intend to throw away
    • Things intended for donation or gifts
    • Stuff you will put in a storage unit for later use
    • Stuff you are packing for the road

    Go room by room and organize your possessions in one of these four categories. First one requires no packing, so everything there should just be immediately disposed of (just make sure that it is disposable, and check if it’s recyclable). For the others, we move forward with packing.


    The bathroom is rather important for what we assume are obvious reasons. When relocating to Manhattan we are sure that you will, first and foremost, make sure your bathroom is operational.

    The most important room in the house.

    When packing a bathroom, be sure to focus on things you actually need to move. Towels are to be packed rather easily as other clothes. Shampoos, toothpaste, and others are often essentials and should be carried in person. Mirrors are complicated, so consider not moving them if they are also present in the new bathroom. Same goes for parts of the bathroom such as the tub…


    Your Downtown Manhattan movers are sure to take special care when moving things like beds and wardrobes, which means they will have a lot of work to do in the bedroom. However, before they move the heaviest, you need to take care of everything else. Fold and pack your clothes (try vacuumed bags) and do the same with the sheets.

    Also the contender for the most important room in the house.

    The bedroom is also likely to contain jewelry and other valuable possessions, so be sure to take care of them as well. They are most likely best transported on a person. And while on the topic of bedrooms…

    Kids room

    If you intend to pack like a pro (and you have children) you need to consider that you are not the only one who is in the process of packing. A move being a confusing time as it is for children, it is important to be careful when packing their room. Try to make it the last room you pack and take their wishes into consideration, or even get them to help!

    Living room

    Being the room you spend most of your time in, it will also take some time to pack.

    living room
    A hearth of the house – and the place you will spend most of your time of…

    Here you focus on the big stuff. Sofas, chairs, the tv. Make sure that electronics and furniture are disassembled and take pictures of the process so you know how to reassemble them later. Consider short term storage Manhattan for some you just don have a place for in a new home at the time.

    Attic/basement/hobby room

    Everyone has a garage, basement, attic or a hobby room to take care of. These rooms often take a lot of time due to complicated shapes and uses of the things in them. Be careful around sharp objects and plan your time accordingly.


    A lot of home appliances are to be found in the kitchen. As said before, electronic devices are best disassembled for packing.

    A lot of important things are found in this room.

    Be sure to pack them separated from their cables and to use a lot of cushioning material. Also, make sure they work the same way before and after the move.

    In conclusion

    These have been our room-by-room packing guidelines. We hope they help. Good luck!


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