Renting a long-term storage in Manhattan

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    There are many factors that can help you choose the right storage unit for long-term storage in Manhattan. Renting a long-term storage in Manhattan is generally simple and depends on the nature of your property and what you want to achieve. If you need help deciding what is best for you, you are in safe hands. Sit back while we show you what you need to know when renting storage. If you want to rent storage space, first carefully study which storage space is most suitable for you and which suppliers can provide you with the best value for money. Because the offers on the long-term storage are very different.

    Renting a long-term storage in Manhattan

    In Manhattan, the storage market is particularly large. With over 1 600 000 inhabitants, Manhattan is one of the most important boroughs in New York City. The banking sector in particular plays a major role in Manhattan. Many large banking houses have settled here. The many jobs create a high demand on the housing market, especially in the Manhattan center. House owners try to use every square meter of their homes, so loft conversions are not uncommon. As a result, important storage space (attic, possibly also cellar) is no longer required. The consequence is that in Manhattan you often have to store your belongings externally. There are many storage providers, but long-term storage can be extremely expensive, especially in the center. 

    Renting a long-term storage in Manhattan
    Renting a long-term storage in Manhattan it can make life easier for you in this big borough!

    How price-sensitive are you when storing? 

    If you want to store your belongings at a particularly low price, you should look for cheap storage Manhattan rooms or storage containers that are not located directly in the city. Find out which storage rooms are located a little further out. Because these are usually much cheaper with the same service. Since you usually need to access the storage unit rarely, a distance of 30-60 minutes for long-term storage is manageable compared to the huge savings. 

    Pack your belongings properly! 

    You should proceed in a particularly structured way when packing your stored goods. Pack the large, bulky, and heavy things further back into the storage room. Lighter, smaller things should be stored in moving boxes. Particularly sensitive items, such as mirrors, tabletops, etc. should be packed separately and thus protected from damage in transit. You can always seek the help of Tribeca movers who will know how to properly pack your things. This way you will be sure that nothing will be damaged or broken. Don’t forget to mark your boxes to make it easier to find and know exactly what is in them.

    Man with cardboard boxes while packing belongings
    When storing your belongings it is very important that you pack them properly.

    Storing furniture correctly

    It is important to prepare the furniture well before storing it. Therefore, unscrew large pieces of furniture. After that, pack screws and wedges in a bag, stick them in an inconspicuous place on a piece of furniture or mark the bag to store them in a suitable place. Wood can also warp in dry and ventilated rooms if not stored properly. Therefore, long wooden parts should have stable support. Place frames with slats, benches, mattresses, and other large furniture vertically. Stack furniture that you can stack. For clothes, use the boxes provided for this purpose. Moving boxes Manhattan can be stacked, but not too much on top of each other. Cover upholstered furniture so that dust does not fall on it.

    The advantages of renting long-term storage in Manhattan 

    One of the main benefits of renting long-term storage in Manhattan is stress reduction. You do not have to worry about extending the contract if you still need the storage for a longer time. Once you sign the lease, you know how long (to some extent) you can store it. Do not worry when renting long-term storage about fine rental details, such as insurance, leases, and lease deposits. There is no reason to panic. For long-term rent, you usually get more favorable terms. In order to reduce current operating costs, a detailed calculation that has a perspective is important, taking into account the area and height of the planned premises, the size, quantity, and properties of the stored goods, their degree of danger, and special storage requirements such as cooling or heating.


    A man is sitting on the floor surrounded by boxes
    You will realize that you will have fewer worries about administrative tasks such as paperwork, handing over keys, looking for other space if you need storage again.

    The formalities to observe during storage

    Depending on the type of storage, you will be faced with certain formalities. Be sure to pay attention to the following things such as insurance as well as signing a contract.

    Take out insurance when renting a long-term storage in Manhattan

    Ensure your personal belongings and furniture in any case. In most cases, Manhattan movers will suggest an insurance solution. Of course, you can take out insurance of your choice. It is a possibility that is offered to you. So you choose what suits you best.

    Sign the contract

    Before renting long-term storage, you must sign a contract with a storage company. For this, you usually need proof of identity (identity card), as well as proof of insurance, and certainly a deposit. Be sure to ask once again what documents you need.

    Inventory of the stored item and its value

    A list and value of stored items are essential, especially if you are storing your items in the long -term. In any case, you must fill out a statement of the value of the stored items in case of damage.

    Plan on time and set off in time in search of the ideal storage space for you. In order to avoid planning errors, it can make sense to consult an expert in warehouse logistics. Renting a long-term storage in Manhattan can be easily planned and executed with the right moving company.

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