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    Every remodeling can be considered an expensive affair but few are as tough as remodeling of the kitchen. This room in the house is often considered the most important one. The kitchen is obviously essential to the day-to-day operation of the house and household and therefore is often the priority when it comes to house upgrades. However, the kitchen hits really hard on the budget. This means that to remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank you will need to use a lot of loopholes, hacks, tricks, and shortcuts. Many of those you will not even find with your local remodeling company as they have a vested interest in you paying them to do the job, rather than doing it yourself.

    So how do you go on about it? How do you remodel the most important (and often the most expensive) room in the apartment? Well, for that you should follow pieces of advice of those who have already done it. It is very much possible, and we will point you in the right direction, showing you just how to do it yourself!

    See what you really need

    So first of, get organized. Take a good look at your kitchen! Now, we know that many people have complex fantasies of what to do with their apartment. Almost from the very moment that the moving service Manhattan gets you in your new condo, you start having new ideas on how to change and upgrade your home! This is only natural. Healthy human beings want to see progress and positive change around them.

    See what you really need
    Checklists are a great way to keep track of things!

    Sometimes, the changes are thought of and made for aesthetic reasons only. These are those like changing the color of the walls, for example. However, other times the changes are an actual necessity, serving a purpose in the home. But, before you can move on with and get these ideas into reality, you need a plan. In other words, to remodel your kitchen you need a proper, concrete plan. What does this mean? Well, this includes two main things. First and foremost, you should get the floor plan and have a clear look at options you have and the limitations you encounter. Secondly, use checklists or any other form of organization to have all the stuff in your kitchen categorized.

    You should categorize the items in your kitchen in the listed categories:

    • Keepers – work fine and you will keep them. However, when you remodel the kitchen, you might find a different place for them.
    • Throwaways – things for which you see no more use what-so-ever
    • Not optimal – somewhere in-between. We will have more talk about those things you are not sure should be thrown away later. For now, consider a short term storage Manhattan for them.

    Go on and plan everything out. To help you on what you should focus, we prepared more, so keep reading.

    Declutter and optimize

    Now, before the Chelsea moving company came to your apartment in the last move you probably decluttered the house. All work in any home is easier when all the junk is thrown away, the floor is clear and relevant items are accessible. This is why it is soo important to declutter before you have any work done in the kitchen. Not only is it a very good idea to do this before you remodel your kitchen, but it is also a good idea to do it before you even start planning. Just… throw away obvious trash only. No need nor use in throwing away everything that always irritated you in the kitchen. Some of the items still can be fixed, so do not dispose of them yet.

    Secondly, be wary of why you are remodeling your kitchen. Is it because you want ti to be pleasing to the eye and soul? No complaints from us. That is a perfectly valid reason to remodel the kitchen, as you naturally spend a lot of time there and you do need to feel well in your own home. However, if the remodeling is for the reasons of efficiency, be sure to look into options that will make your current setup more optimized.

    Sometimes remodeling is rather unnecessary when, with only a little change in the placement of home appliances and counters, you can achieve a simular increase in productivity.

    Used-not new

    This counts for home appliances to kitchen cabinets. Replacement is really what hits the wallet the hardest. But in many cases, there is no need for it. Remember the “not sure should I throw it away” category? Why not try to repair it? If you do it right, and there are many online tutorials on how this is achieved, there is no reason why you can’t get some things you have in your kitchen functional again or get them back from cheap storage Manhattan to your kitchen!

    Used-not new
    No need for a brand new toaster!

    Furthermore, you can always touch up on details for aesthetic purposes. Repaint the cabients, for example. While new ones do look prettier, with little work yours can look new and exciting again, and with the added bonus of pride for the done deed.

    Do you really need to remodel your kitchen?

    Finally, and you knew this one was coming – do you really need to remodel your kitchen? Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying that doing it without a lot of money is not possible. We actually just listed all the ways to make it work. But, it is not easy, and what you are not paying in money you are giving away in time.

    do you need to remodel your kitchen
    Do you really need to remodel your kitchen?

    As we already said, sometimes smaller changes can have the desired effect, even on the aesthetic level. We are no trying to discourage your, but we do call for caution. If you however definitely decide that you want to remodel, be sure to have enough time planned out for it!

    In conclusion

    In conclusion, yes, you can remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank, but it takes time and dedication. If you have the will, there is a way to do it without paying professionals. We wish you the best of luck!


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