Relocating to Manhattan without a job

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    If you are thinking about relocating to Manhattan without a job, you came to the right place. Here we will talk about all the ups and downs that can happen if you decide to make this brave move. We say brave because it really is. It means that you have decided to follow your dreams no matter what, it means that you are about to give your best to live your best life. You are not the only one. A huge number of people are moving to New York on a daily basis, following their dream. Some of them manage to stay and make a nice living.

    So, let’s see how is it possible to make relocating to Manhattan without a job a successful endeavor. At least there is that one thing you can scratch off your list. That thing is that you don’t have to lose time looking for the right, affordable moving company when you have moving service Manhattan.

    Relocating to Manhattan without a job- is it a good idea?

    Before you jump to this decision you have to at least have some sort of plan. Make list f pros and cons. Although at first, you will probably have way more cons than pros. That shouldn’t stop you though. Let us help you, and let’s go through the pros and cons together. What can be considered as a great pro reason, is that this is your desire. You want to go to New York, and the fact that you don’t have a job waiting for you there shouldn’t stop you.

    streets of Manhattan
    Make sure to think twice before you start packing

    However, since you are relocating to Manhattan without a job maybe it is a good idea to double-check everything. You cannot afford to lose money at this point. If you are renting or even buying a place in Manhattan, make sure to know how to spot a fraudulent realtor in New York. Unfortunately, there is a number of cases that people coming from another town get tricked by so-called realtors.


    For now, the only pro reason we have for you relocating to Manhattan without a job is your desire to move there. There are more cons reasons for this decision that is for sure. Not only for moving to Manhattan, but moving to any city where you do not have a job waiting for you. This is definitely a big thing to do and a huge challenge, so you have to be positive about this decision because cons reasons can chew you up.

    • Manhattan is expensive
    • Rents are extremely high
    • Competition is enormous
    • You must have enough money for at least three months

    All of these con reasons are about money. So, if you are relocating to Manhattan without a job, you must have at least some money saved for rent, for food. At least until you find a job, and keep in mind that it can take a while. That is why you should have a plan on how to make savings before the move.

    How to earn/save money for the move

    Ok, so we came to the conclusion that you must have savings in order to move to Manhattan. Next to the earning and saving money, you may think about another options. Moving to Manhattan is really expensive, even if you are financially stable, none the less when you are moving there without a job. So, why not think about moving to a different borough. For example, moving to Staten Island is cheaper. Not a lot, it is still a challenge moving there without a job, but at the end of the day, it is a cheaper choice. You are still in New York, and you can still find a job in Manhattan, but paying rent in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx or Queens. This is definitely something to think about.

    piggy bank
    Be creative and make your relocation affordable

    Relocating to Manhattan without a job- making sacrifices

    You will have to make a lot of sacrifices if you are relocating to Manhattan without a job. This means that you should sell some things, stop eating out, making your own coffee. These little things will save you money. We don’t see it on a daily basis, but if you do this for a longer period of time you will feel that you have more money. This saving period has to take place months or even years before you move to Manhattan. Have a garage sale, and sell the things you no longer use. It will be hard to part ways with some things, but it is for a greater cause. Think about it in a positive way, all the money you get by selling some of your items will help you through the hardest period in New York.

    Do you know anyone there?

    It would be the best-case scenario that you have a friend in Manhattan, or other four boroughs, where you can stay . At least until you get a job. This can last a couple of days, weeks or even months. That is why it is important not only to have a friend there but a great friend, who will let you stay with him for as long as you need. There are ways to pay him back. By making dinner, cleaning the house, leaving him alone when he needs some time alone etc.

    Try to find a temporary place to stay

    Moving anywhere is a huge thing especially if you don’t have a job there waiting for you. That is why you cannot simply go, you have to make a good plan. It takes some time for making these plans and executing them.  But it is important and you must do it if you are firm in this decision. Have a Nomad moving company help you out with the moving, so you don’t have to worry about everything. We surely hope we helped, good luck!

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