Reasons why you should avoid low ball moving estimates in NYC

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    Are you looking for a moving company to hire, yet you want to avoid low ball moving estimates in NYC? That’s a legitimate concern, and Heart Moving Manhattan NYC has decided to tell you more about how you can recognize when someone is offering you the low ball moving estimate that’s actually a scam, as well as why you should avoid low ball moving estimates altogether. If you’re ready to learn more about why and how to avoid low ball moving estimates in NYC, keep on reading! 

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    If the price seems too good to be true – it probably is. To check whether it falls within the normal range, send out more than one or two free quotes.

    What’s wrong with low ball moving estimates in NYC?

    First of all, NYC isn’t known by cheap moving companies. There are ones that are more affordable, and the ones that are less. Generally, having anything very cheap in the middle of a Big Apple just isn’t realistic. That can happen only if a friend is doing you a favor or you have some special discount. Those are just some of the reasons why you shouldn’t hire the first company that offers you a low estimate. It’s quite possible that they’re doing so just so that they could raise the price later. It’s always important that you get some proof of what estimate you’re getting, which brings us to our next task at hand: What should you look for to recognize the scam?

    What to watch out for to avoid low ball moving estimates in NYC

    • Estimates that don’t have any written record

    Since you can agree to an estimate, you should definitely get the written evidence like the contract or a similar document. Moving Companies Upper West Side advise you not to settle for the estimate that’s only a verbal agreement – request the physical form of an estimate before you accept anything.

    • Low prices

    If you’re looking for the affordable movers in NYC, don’t settle for anything that looks unrealistic. You can call several moving companies that are legitimate. Furthermore, you can browse the internet and send a lot of free quotes and see where’s the average price. But don’t settle for the smallest price only to find out that your company hasn’t calculated many hidden fees. They conveniently leave them out so that they could bill them after. That’s how they get you to go for it, and you end up paying much more. That’s only one of the reasons why you need a reliable, trustworthy moving company. That way you know where you’re standing.

    If the moving company doesn’t send the consultant to assess your situation live, or at least doesn’t request a video call – don’t hire that company!

    If a company fails to send a consultant to estimate your situation, don’t hire it

    If the moving company doesn’t send someone over to evaluate the quantity of the belongings that you have, or at least ask for an online tour of the house – don’t hire them. The lack of the requests for details means that they aren’t doing a good job, or that they just simply don’t care about the details. In both cases they won’t give you anything close to a real estimate. Of course, you should stop any cooperation that you have with them immediately and find the better, or legit, moving company.

    Scams are happening frequently

    Make sure you ask your friends and family whether they know someone who has moved recently. Chances are that they do, and they’ve been in the same position like you – which means that they’ve done their fair share of research which you could greatly benefit from. If you hear about a good moving company like Nomad moving company, make sure you at least get in contact with them. That way, you’ll notice the difference in the service that they provide, compared to the company that got you the low ball moving estimate. Those are just some of the tactics that moving companies incorporate in order to perform scams. They lead you on, and then get you to pay the bigger price. If you want to be sure that you’re getting the real deal, you should go for the companies that have good, legit reviews and a good reputation.  

    How to avoid getting tricked

    You must be wondering about how to realize which offers are good ones, and how to differentiate between the proper and legitimate companies. We’re here to give you a little guidance on how to navigate the sea of numerous offers.

    • Do your research. Try to find people that have hired that particular company. Of course, it’s best if you do it online, by browsing through reviews.
    • Ask whether someone from your closer surroundings know about the company’s reputation
    • Don’t hire a company that has bad reviews
    • Get the free estimates from numerous companies, not only from one or two. That way, you’ll be able to determine who stands out the most.
    • Call the company and talk to them. Get to know them on the personal basis. You can also request the in-home consultation.
    • See what you can get for the fixed price. Many companies do that kind of estimates, and then they offer the services that are within the price range that you determined. That way you know they can’t bill you more than that since it was a premise.
    • When you get the quote, have the deal signed. But don’t sign it before you take it home and examine everything that’s written on it.

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      Talk to friends and family to see which companies they know about. Word of mouth from the people you trust is the best advertisement.

    Consider hiring the trusted professionals and avoid low ball moving estimates in NYC

    Doing the research and asking the reliable, trustworthy companies for the advice is your best bet. That way, you’ll certainly avoid low ball moving estimates in NYC. Everyone can fall prey to the scam. Nevertheless, if something seems too good to be true – it probably is. If you end up needing a company with reasonable prices and quality services, give us a call. We’re more than happy to answer all of your questions and find the common ground. Our only objective is leaving our clients happy and satisfied at their new home, after the smooth relocation. Are you ready to book the stress-free move of your dreams and stop thinking about the numerous scams that you might fall prey to?


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