Reasons to avoid DIY long-distance relocation

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    Doing things yourself has never been so popular. With the millennials finding life hacks for practically every life activity it can feel that budget can be saved on almost anything! And this spirit is not a bad thing… at all. More a person can achieve by them self, without loss of quality, great! And despite what you might guess by the title of this blog post, yes, there is a lot of DIY optimal things in moving, and we will happily list them. The issue is that you should avoid DIY long-distance relocation particularly. Why is it so? Let’s see.


    Moving is a complex operation by itself, but an interstate move is a whole different beast! There are many individual components to the move that you need to look after. These include:

    • Packing – this part you can do yourself, but that’s a rule. There are exceptions, and we will talk about them more down the road.
    • Driving – driving over huge distances, especially in a pick up with all your stuff, is stressful and even dangerous and definitely one of the reasons why you should avoid DIY long-distance relocation.
    • Additional services – only moving companies such as, for example, moving companies Upper West Side can provide.

    There are many more, but these three are key. Packing of special things, such as pianos or big furniture is best left to professionals. As to driving, there is a good chance you lack logistical means to transport any kind of great amount of possessions over large, interstate distances. And finally, the company will arrange for you any special services to be used during the move, services you will be hard pressed to find yourself.

    Simply put, moving, and especially long-distance relocation is a complex business best suited for paid professionals who made it their job to transport peoples lives from one place to another with the highest assurance, lowest stress and greatest speed possible.


    When you want to organize arrange a long-distance relocation and do everything by yourself, you will most likely choose to opt for such a move to save money. But, in a very real sense, time is money. If you don’t pay those long distance movers Manhattan, you will lose the money in a different and much less predictable way.

    avoid DIY long-distance relocation
    Time management is definitely a good reason to avoid DIY long-distance relocation

    Time management is essential in any complex operation, and a long distance relocation is not an exception. Think about all the things that need to be time managed. At what to the children feel most at ease, or when can you hire a nanny or leave them with a friend. At what time will the parking lot posses empty spaces for you to use? When will do the neighbors rest, and when are they active (you don’t want to be a bad neighbor, even if you are leaving for good). And what of the neighborhood you are moving in? When will you are there, and is it an appropriate time for a large amount of noise an unprofessional move is likely to cause? How much time is it needed to pack, to move, etc…

    You get the point. Planning is everything and when you have to do it all by yourself you cannot be assured of results. Not to mention that if you are not going to avoid DIY long-distance relocation, your friends will be moving you. They are, naturally, volunteering their free time, so any time planning is made even more challenging.


    When moving to New York or anywhere else really, the rule of the game is that it is safety first. This maxim needs to be respected as moving can be dangerous. How so? Heavy furniture, steep, unsecured staircases, road safety over long drives… All those things can have adverse effects on one’s health and are definitely valid reasons to avoid DIY long-distance relocation. 

    Safety should always be the priority

    Unlike your friends, family or yourself, trained professionals of various moving companies know how to deal with such challenges. They are trained and experienced in working with heavy objects and moving them through various mazes of hallways, stairways, small elevators, and second-floor windows.


    Reliability is always something you want from a service, even if you are short on money. For example, searching for cheap storage in Manhattan does not mean you want dodgy storage in Manhattan. But, reliability will come with some price, even if its an affordable one, and it is our advice that it is generally preferable to pay it, rather then doing it yourself. Why? Professionalism means reliability. If you have chosen a company that possesses a license, good reviews, and a good staff/website, you can rest assured that the job will be done as fast as possible with as little disruption to everybody as possible. Your friends can really do that. They have goodwill, which is commendable, but knowledge is needed as well.

    Budget and things you can do yourself

    It’s ok to try and do things yourself to save money when you are on a short budget, but in the long run, time issues, unreliable support, and damages to valuable can cost you more then the movers would! Costs can especially rise if you do not move in a single swoop, rather prolong it due to a shortage of moving resources such as appropriate truck size for all your items.

    budget managment
    DYI move can be more difficult on your budget then you think

    However, you can save money on such things as planning ahead, transporting jewelry, plants and other special items and packing yourself! Here, a helping hand from a friend is much appreciated!

    In conclusion, why avoid DIY long-distance relocation?

    Lack of assurance is the essence of why you should avoid DIY long-distance relocation. You cannot rely on anybody except on professionals, especially in interstate or international routes. It would be best to save up and invest in professionals, as they will both save you further costs and get a lot of stress from your shoulders.

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