Prepare your motorcycle for a long-distance move

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    Life is full of unexpected things and might surprise us with a chance to move to another state. Whether it is for work or love, relocation can sometimes be very complicated. Not all things can be put in boxes and shipped to a new address. Sure, you will bring your memories with you, but what about some of your most precious belongings, like your beloved bike? If it is hard for you to imagine how you would prepare your motorcycle for a long-distance move, this article might help. It would help if you did several things before you entrust your bike to the moving company of your choice. Consider the following recommendations.  


    Inspect your motorcycle and take photos 


    Before even contacting your long distance movers NYC, you must take a good look at your bike. Clean it thoroughly, not just to make it look nice for moving. Instead, use this opportunity to inspect for any damages and usage marks. If you find some scratches or dents, you must take photos. That way, you will have documented proof of the bike’s condition if anything happens in transport. If you choose experienced movers who have completed a significant number of relocations, you don’t have anything to worry about. They will have the necessary materials to make sure the bike doesn’t endure any physical damage.  


    two vespas in new york
    Riding your bike through busy New York streets will be a memory to cherish

    Check the tires and fuel the tank


    You should check with your Upper East Side moving company about their rules regarding fuel in the tank. In theory, you would want your tank to be empty, not to endure any additional moving costs because of extra weight. Still, you would need at least some gas so you could ride your bike when it arrives at the destination. Be sure to check with your movers what the going rates are and whether the bike’s weight plays a role in determining the end price. Before moving day, you should inflate the tires so you or the movers can move the bike if necessary.


    blue motorcycle
    Always remember to fuel your tank and inflate your tires


    Look for loose parts and remove any personal documents


    Prepare your motorcycle for a long-distance move by inspecting it for loose parts. If you find any, be sure to repair and secure them. You don’t want to take a chance for something to get damaged or lost during the relocation. Remember to remove all personal documents or personal belongings from your motorcycle. If you are moving across the state, you indeed have a tone of small-size personal items and documents to transport. The good idea is to search to buy moving boxes Manhattan and make your packing experience a bit easier. That way, you will stay organized and always know where your stuff is. 


    Prepare your motorcycle for a long-distance move before moving day


    Don’t wait for the last day before you relocate to start working on your motorcycle. Plan ahead of time and create a checklist of things you should do before moving day. Prepare your bike for a long-distance move well in advance, and you will have enough time to do any last-minute interventions if necessary. Enjoy working on your bike, and remember your NYC bike rides. Soon enough, you will be riding it on new and unfamiliar roads. 

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