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    A day has come, when you need to relocate and start a new chapter of your life. You might have several weeks for it or a couple of months. Regardless of the situation, you’ll have to prepare and organize a few things that are an essential part of every move. Hence, we assembled a simple guide on how to prepare your long-distance move. This is a simple reminder for those who moved already, and a brand new thing for the first time relocators. Let’s begin, shall we?

    Set the limits of your moving budget

    The whole moving process will begin with a question, when do we move and what are the costs? By realizing the moving date, you’ll know how much time you have to organize everything. And of course, you will be able to work around the best ways on how to minimize the moving costs. More time you have means a better preparation. Meanwhile, you will set a stretching or fixed moving budget and try to keep it within range. One way to save your funds is to pack yourself. Also, you can reduce the size of your cargo by downsizing. Or to disassemble your furniture. More you do before your movers take over, the less you’ll pay.

    Set the moving budget

    And to stay on a safe side, you should assemble a moving checklist. Here you’ll list all the steps you will go through and keep yourself reminded on what you must do. To prepare your long-distance move is much easier if you document everything you do.

    Prepare your long-distance move with proper research

    A huge part of the moving endeavor is to hire a moving company. Movers should be knowledgeable and experienced, yet affordable. This combination is hard to find, but it is doable. With proper research online, or at your local papers we are sure that you’ll find the company that works out for you. Firstly, you need to be sure that the information you are acquiring is reliable. Check out the official website of the company and read a few customers reviews. This way you can compare the previous experiences and the ratings of the company.

    Check moving company reviews

    What is also important, is not to pick straight away. The first moving crew you find does not mean it is a valid choice. You’ll need at least three different companies, and after narrowing down, you’ll find a winner. Additionally, you should do a proper investigation of the business your movers operate. Important is that they are operating legally. Furthermore, if your movers have all the permits, a sizeable moving vehicle, and enough people and tools for the job. And we will highly recommend a company that possesses everything mentioned. That is Heart Moving, one of the best and brightest cross country movers NYC. What makes them the best choice, is the incredible level of professionalism and most affordable prices. Moving was never easier.

    Perform a background check

    It is not common that you can stumble upon the fraudulent moving company. When we say that, we mean that they might be operating illegally. For example, they have no permit to operate outside the state they are registered in, and yet they accept the job. Or that the prices are inflated. There are many ways to spot a scamming moving company. One way and the proven one is to do a thorough background check. Contact your movers and ask everything you need to know. Check if they have the physical address. Logo of the company is another confirmation that they are deep in the moving business. One step further would be to visit them and check their offices, and their moving vehicles. Be proactive and if possible speak in person with one of the representatives.

    Prepare your long distance move by doing a proper online research
    Do a bit of a research

    To prepare your long-distance move can’t go without this smart approach. With more time invested, you will, in the long run, avoid time loss, hard-earned money, and a lot of headaches. We will give a piece of advice and say that Chelsea movers are a valid choice. A local moving crew is exactly what you need. It brings stability and safety which is the most important while on such a hectic journey. You won’t regret a thing, and your budget won’t feel a thing.

    Do not forget to ask for a free moving quote

    To prepare your long-distance move does not entail only meddling with a moving company. But it is a huge part of it. Hence, you should know something valuable. And that is that most of the moving companies provide free on-site estimates. If your move is not too complex, this can be communicated over a phone. But if you are moving a household or a business, they will send a representative to inspect your cargo. Movers will check out how much stuff you have, what is the weight of your belongings. To figure out how much people they need for the job. This way movers have insight into the project, and to calculate the moving costs. Also, you will know where you’ll have more expenses, and where you can deduct the moving costs.

    To prepare your long-distance move, you can’t go without the packing logistics

    Prepare your relocation with an adequate packing strategy. Firstly, you need to inspect everything you have. Then, make a few designated areas where you’ll stash your moving boxes. Check out how much space you have and inspect all the rooms. This way you will easier decide on what to pack first. Next step would be to go out and buy some packing materials. Since you know how much you need to pack, you should buy the amount you need, and a bit over it. Better to have a spare than to run out of it. You will need:

    • Packing paper – Any form of packing paper will do. You need this to wrap items and prevent scratching and other damages.
    • Cushion – Here you can use bubble wrap, but it can be expensive if you are using a lot of it. A good replacement is an old cloth. Anything you can find will do. Old rags, shirts, blankets, and sheets. Place them between items to prevent the collision.
    • Tape – Choose a high-quality tape to keep everything together. You don’t want your boxes falling apart mid-process.
    • Moving boxes – Most important part here are the moving boxes. You’ll probably need a few different sizes to suit all your needs. You can use the regular cardboard boxes, or go with a more expensive choice, which is the plastic bins. They are more expensive, but they are reusable and a good long term investment.
    Find good moving boxes to prepare your long distance move
    Find good packing material
    • Cutter – This is the easy one. Box cutter or scissors will do the trick. Just be sure to keep them out of the reach of children while packing.

    Cover the legal part

    This part of the process is a bit tiresome and time sensitive. Therefore, be sure to cover it as soon as you chose the destination, moving date, and a moving company. You need to cover all your utility bills and report the new address to all government facilities. It is important to contact your bank, mobile provider, workplace, and school. Transfer your medical records, and bank-related documents yourself if possible. Leftover utility bills should be mailed to your new address.

    You are now more aware of how to Prepare your long-distance move. It might be hard at times, but we are sure you will accomplish the impossible. Remember the apply everything you learned today, and you’ll enjoy in the stress-free relocation. Good luck and have a safe journey.

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