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    Moving by itself can be overwhelming, but moving to a colder climate that really is a challenge, especially if you aren’t prepared for it. While you are trying to plan a move, take some time to prepare for colder weather. If you are moving from a much warmer climate, don’t skip any of these tips. When you successfully survive your first winter, rest assured, it will be much easier in the future.

    Be emotionally prepared for moving to a colder climate

    Winter is usually the time when we try to avoid going out as much as we can. Getting up and preparing for work can be a little depressing when it’s cold or cloudy. It is a world of difference when you compare it with summer and sunshine. Don’t be scared, you will need just a little getting used to it. Maybe a little more, if you aren’t a fan of cold. 

    Thinking about all the good things that your move will bring can help you to accustom easier. Once you accept moving to a colder climate you can move on to the next step of preparations. If you haven’t hired a moving company already, then contact some of the Manhattan moving companies and try to choose reliable movers so you can dedicate to packing.

    Boots prepared for moving to a colder climate
    Prepare cold weather clothes to wear after you move to a colder climate.

    Supply with cold-weather gear

    Depending on the place you are moving to, you have to buy warm clothes and good quality boots or shoes. Once again, if you are moving from a warm southern state, it is better to buy winter equipment in the city you will be living in. There is a good reason for that. You can find the right type of clothes in your new place because they manufacture it for that exact weather.

    The jacket has to endure low temperatures and strong wind, so you don’t freeze when you are outside. This is very important when you start to prepare for relocating to a colder climate. Also, learn to dress in layers. You will see this is very helpful, especially if you are going in and out often. It is easier to take care of one or two layers so you don’t sweat. Sweating in the cold is a sure way to catch a cold. Quality boots are essential for staying warm in cold weather. When your feet are dry and warm, the rest of the body will be too.


    When you are moving long-distance you need to be smart about packing. Bring only the clothes you will wear. This is especially important when moving to a colder climate. Also, interstate movers NYC usually have packing service. This can be very useful for long-distance moves. They will use their expertise to safely pack and load to a moving truck. Bring only the clothes you can wear and make room for new stuff. Winter clothes are bulky and it takes a lot of space.

    Car covered in snow
    Prepare your car for the cold.

    Prepare your car if you are moving to a colder climate

    You will have a lot to do when you are moving to a cold climate. It would be best to find and hire reliable long-distance movers. In case you are moving by car, you need to check the car before you go. This means that you have to make sure if everything is working properly but also get new winter tires and winter car equipment. Living in a cold climate means you have to have winter gear in your car all the time, make sure that you get everything you might use: tire chains, window defroster, flashlight, gloves, blankets, and ice scraper.

    Driving on icy roads or snow is very hard and it demands experience. Believe us when we say it is very different from regular driving. If you have a chance to practice driving in these conditions, take it without second thoughts.

    Heating and utilities

    Moving to colder weather also means that you need to plan your budget and expenses, such as monthly utilities. Winter is long and tough and you need to prepare your new home. First, check out the insolation of the walls. This can save you a lot of money on the heating. If you have good isolation you will manage to keep most of the heat inside and therefore you will use less electricity for heating. 

    Another thing during the hard and cold winter is to have a backup heating source. On days when it is 1000 degrees below zero, you would be lucky to have a furnace or fireplace so you can add heat to the room. Besides, a wooden or a gas furnace can be energy efficient and if you install a newer one, it will save you money on heating without saving on comfort. When you are moving to a colder climate you need to be extra careful and maintain your water pipes and installation. It can be damaged or burst if they freeze. So, if you are keeping your house warm enough, you are also making sure that doesn’t happen. This saves you from potential expenses.

    Girl walking in the snow
    Don’t get stuck inside the house.

    Outside activities

    Cold weather shouldn’t stop you from living your life. Just get the right clothes and try to choose activities more suitable for snow or cold. It will take some time to get accustomed to but don’t get stuck inside the house. 

    Transportation is another thing you have to be prepared for when moving to a colder climate. If you will use your car, you already know how to equip it for the winter. On the other hand, if you are using public transportation you will save yourself from anxiety caused by driving and parking on snow. Living in a big city usually means that you have a good public transport network. It is better to dress good, put on those big unflattering boots and go to work without digging the car out of snow. You’ll see that in the end, it saves you the time of scraping ice from your windows and cleaning your car from snow. This can last a while and your fingers can get frostbites.

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