Perfectly autumn things you must do in NYC this fall

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    New York City is one of the most exceptional cities in the whole world. Every season in the Big Apple has so many sparks. But it is maybe the easiest to fall in love with autumn, with its vibrant colors and crisp city air. All of this gives NYC a flair of romance, so it is unforgettable for people who are in love. With holidays around the corner and steaming-hot oat milk latte for refreshment, it is a place to be at. In case you’re lucky enough and moving to Manhattan, you’ll fully enjoy the autumn spirit in the heart of NYC. Below, we’ve gathered ideas for the best activities and happenings to envelop yourself in the fall spirit. Here are our suggestions for autumn things you must do in NYC this fall.

    NYC autumn festivals are amongst autumn things you must do in NYC this fall

    New York City offers so many happenings throughout the whole year. Autumn is no exception. There are so many festivals you could visit and enjoy the vibrant spirit of the NYC fall. In case you have to move to NYC during autumn, don’t worry. Despite these festivals, reliable moving service in Manhattan can make it happen.

    The New York Coffee Festival

    This event takes place in Metropolitan Pavilion, 12 West 18th Street. It lasts from October 12th-14th. It is a perfect place for all the coffee lovers in the world. This festival boasts a fancy brew bar, a coffee master competition, and coffee cocktails. With many giveaways and live music, it is the most unique place to test your senses. Also, there are many coffee shops in NYC you should visit.

    Coffee - Drinking coffee as autumn thing you must do in NYC
    For coffee lovers, sipping coffee in a cafe in NYC is among autumn things you must do in NYC during fall.

    The New York Comedy Festival is one of the best autumn things you must do in NYC

    This event takes place in multiple comedy venues and it happens at the beginning of November. It is among perfectly autumn things to do in NYC during fall because it gives you opportunities to laugh. Over 200 comedians and more than 100 shows guarantee you a good time.

    If you are an architecture lover, Archtober is the festival for you as one of the perfectly autumn things you must do in NYC

    Archtober is held throughout October and it is a festival of architecture activities and exhibitions. With attractive programs, it allures many architecture enthusiasts to visit. Be among them if you feel like it. Even if you are not that into architecture, maybe it will strike your interest. Anyway, try it out.

    There are many more perfectly fall things to do in NYC during the fall. Here are more suggestions.

    • Visit the local farmers’ market

    One of the best times to visit farmer’s markets is fall. You can find them all over the city, from Fort Greene to Union Square. There’s nothing like sipping hot spiced cider in the crisp early morning air. Also, you can find upstate-grown organic apples and bushels of freshly cut autumn flowers in the heart of NYC. Not such a usual thing, right?

    farmers' market - Organic apples can be found in the local farmers' market.
    A visit to the local farmers’ market is a must if you are in NYC during autumn.
    • Getting a pumpkin-flavored treat is one of the most interesting autumn things to do in NYC

    Fall is the season of pumpkins, we all know that. Use that fact and embrace the season by grabbing a pumpkin donut topped with spiced pepitas. Also, you can try out a pumpkin ice cream sundae as one of the autumn specialties.

    • Go shopping for some vintage sweaters and plaid goodness

    When fall comes, luscious layers of knits, flannel, and wool are a must. As many fashion experts say, vintage fall clothing is the best kind of fall clothing. So, where better to start your seasonal shopping spree than in New York City? With many vintage stores, rest assured that you will find some unique pieces of clothing.

    Participate in the Halloween parade

    On October 31, head down to the Village to participate in this 50-year NYC tradition. Put on your costume and take part in this crowded costumed romp. Also, if you have a pet, Tompkins Square hosts a dog version of this event. It is just as fun, but maybe even cuter. Just imagine your pet in a costume, parading through New York City. It’s already funny and amusing.

    statue of liberty costume - Halloween in NYC is an autumn thing you must visit in NYC during fall.
    Which better way to enjoy autumn celebrations than to participate in the Halloween celebration in NYC?

    Visiting a park is an autumn thing you should do this fall in NYC

    With so many parks in New York, we always recommend watching the leaves change color. All you need is a blanket and a book. Go to your closest park and enjoy the vibrant foliage. This will give you a unique autumn NYC experience.

    Central Park and Oktoberfest

    During the fall, you can find a great mix of American and German traditions at Central Park. This is one of the best Oktoberfest celebrations in NYC. It happens at Central Park’s SummerStage. With German beer in one hand and a bratwurst in the other, enjoy the afternoon wearing your lederhosen. Or you can enjoy while listening to live polka. It is up to you.

    Take part in the New York City Marathon

    This is an iconic event. Everyone can take part in it in different roles. You can either run it or just watch and cheer. Anyhow, it is a great way to spend a Sunday morning during fall. If you are an active runner, participation in the NYC Marathon is one of the best autumn things to do. But if you are lazy, you can watch the marathon pass through your borough while enjoying a latte and doughnut.

    NYC marathon is one of the autumn things you must do in NYC.
    Participate in the NYC marathon and feel the excitement.

    Enjoy the Friendsgiving

    Thanksgiving is the last holiday of autumn before winter comes. It is also the ideal way to spend some quality time with all your favorite people. Throw a Friendsgiving and give thanks to the best people in your life with delicious dishes of the season.

    To sum up

    There you have it. Those were the best autumn things you must do in NYC this fall. Whichever you pick, we guarantee you will have an unforgettable time. Have fun and enjoy it!

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