Packing guide for an easy local move

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    The moving process is something we all go through eventually. Believe it or not, on average, an American person moves 11 times in their lives. The relocation process requires a lot of planning, organizing, sorting out our budget and making checklists. However, even if you are making a short distance move, you should have a packing guide for an easy local move. Are you moving to NYC upper east side? If so, you will need an upper east side moving company to assist you with your move! So, let’s get started with our packing guide for an easy local move!

    Relocate Fast with a Packing Guide for an Easy Local Move

    As always, you have two options! Hiring a professional moving company or do it by yourself?┬áIf you are a very busy person, having a firm and living a fast NYC life, you should definitely hire NYC moving professionals. On the other side, it’s a local move, maybe you can ask a couple of friends for help and do it by yourself. It will also be cheaper right? Let’s see now what are the perks of hiring a professional mover vs DIY.

    Hire Professional Mover

    Every licensed and devoted mover has well-trained workers and many years of experience in the moving industry. Their lovely customer service workers will answer all your questions about the moving process thoroughly. They will also calculate the cost of your move in advance with a final price. There won’t be any hidden costs at the end of the move. If you decide to hire Heart Moving professional moving company, you will reduce the moving stress and save a lot of time. A professional moving company has trained teams who will pack, carry, relocate and unpack your belongings fast and safely.

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    A professional moving company will provide packing materials and pack everything instead of you.

    Packing Guide for an Easy Local Move – DIY

    Ok, if you are doing everything by yourself, you should prepare before you start packing. Get all necessary packing materials, cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, and proper moving equipment. But let’s see what else our packing guide for an easy local move suggests?

    • Declutter!
    • Get Packing Materials
    • Find Proper Moving Boxes
    • Get Markers and Labels
    • Pack Room By Room
    • Ask Your Friends For Help


    First things first! Before you start with packing, you should declutter and get rid of the items you are not using and don’t need anymore. You can organize a garage/yard sale and make some money! You can also donate items in good condition. Large pieces of furniture you can give away to your friends, family or neighbors. The move is the perfect time to declutter! However, everyone should declutter at least once per year! Make your home look nice and fresh!

    Get Packing Materials

    You will also need a lot of packing materials. Prepare and get everything at least a few weeks before the move. If you want to do it slowly without pressure, you should pack a little each day! So what kind of packing materials you will have to get!

    1. Packing paper
    2. Packing tape
    3. Bubble Wrap
    4. Packing Knife
    5. Scissors and Gloves (for your own protection)

    But, you can also improvise! Instead of packing paper you can use newspapers. Instead of bubble wrap, you can use soft blankets and sheets. Fill boxes that contain fragile items with shredded paper. See, it’s easy and cheap if you have an idea!

    Scissors, bubble wrap and packing tape.
    The most important packing materials, bubble wrap, packing tape, and scissors!

    Find Proper Moving Boxes

    You will need a lot of moving boxes, different sizes, and types. Cardboard boxes are the most common ones. You can buy or rent plastic bins from a professional packer too. However, you can also find free cardboard boxes in the stores and offices around you. Ask for free cardboard boxes at least a week before the move. The best idea is to pack electronics and small appliances in their original boxes. However, nobody keeps those boxes nowadays so improvisation it is!

    Packing Guide for an Easy Local Move – Get Markers And Labels

    Buy new markers and labels before you start packing. It would be good to buy a few different colors of markers. There are two different types of labeling, color-coded system and number coded one. It’s easier and faster to use a color-coded system. For example, each room will have one color, bathroom boxes will be marked with blue color, kitchen boxes with red, living room boxes with green, bedroom with orange, etc. You can download labels from the internet, buy them in the local dollar store or be creative and make them by yourself, if you have time, of course! Label your boxes properly and you won’t have problems unpacking!

    labels and color markers
    Label your boxes properly, Use color markers and labels!

    Pack Room by Room

    Pack room by room! Focus on one room area and avoid mixing and packing items from different rooms in the same box. Use brightly colored tissue paper for wrapping small items in order to prevent throwing them out by mistake or losing the same ones during the transport.

    Ask Your Friends For Help

    A good friend will be there for you in happy and tough periods of life! Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate, ask your friends for help as soon as you find out about the move. Try to notify your friends at least a week or two in advance so they can reschedule plans and organize their time. Everything is easier with friends around! Get enough water and snacks, especially if you are moving on a hot summer day. Provide some music too and your moving day can actually be fun! After the move, if you have time, take your friends for dinner or at least one of the best fast-food spots in Manhattan!

    Follow this packing guide for an easy local move and you will relocate in no time. Even though you can pick between hiring a professional mover and DIY, it’s highly recommended to hire professionals who can take good care of your belongings. They will transfer everything fast and safely. But, it’s your call! Have a good move and all the best!

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