Packing books and board games 101

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    We all have our favorite items and things we are attached to. Beside the financial value, these things have sentimental value that is much bigger. For some people, those special items are their favorite hobby items, such as books and board games. Hobby items are so special because unlike our job, they are something we choose to enjoy in our free time. Beside that, we have also spent some time collecting those items. That combination of our interest, time and money we spent on them, makes those items extremely valuable to us. And that is why we don’t want to see them damaged or even lost during our moving day. But if we make an effort to pack and load them carefully, there will be no reason to worry about. Check out this guide for packing books and board games, and pack them like a pro.

    Packing books and board games with their boards, figurines and chips safely
    Wrap the fragile pieces of your board games separately

    First, you need to determine if you are taking them with you

    Nobody says you should leave them behind, don’t worry. But if your move is not permanent, and you will be back, you should maybe consider storing them instead of moving. Books are pretty heavy, and if you decide not to move them, you will definitely reduce your moving costs big time. Besides, there are plenty of advantages of storage in NYC, especially if you rent a climate controlled unit. So, if you are coming back sometime soon, and you could live without your books and board games for a while, think about storing them.

    Should you go with a DIY move or hire professionals?

    If you have decided to take your favorite hobby items with you, you will need to prepare them for a move. Keep in mind that hiring professionals is always easier, sometimes even cheaper way to move house. Especially if you are moving to another state or even a country, consider hiring long distance movers NYC. Believe me, you don’t want to deal with all the regulations and bureaucracy by yourself. And since your cargo is about to travel for quite some time, you should also get professional help for packing books and board games.

    Learn, plan and execute

    If you have decided to pack your collectibles by yourself, we have prepared some tips that could be useful. Luckily, packing books and board games is not as challenging as packing some other hobby items. Imagine if you were playing the piano, you couldn’t imagine your move without hiring some reliable piano movers Manhattan. So, luckily for you, packing these items is something you can do by yourself, using some basic packing supplies:

    • Moving boxes in several sizes
    • Packing paper
    • Duck tape
    • Scissors
    • Markers for labeling
    • Bubble wrap
    Shelves with books
    Use medium or small size boxes for your books

    Wrapping time

    This is especially important for board games because most of them have many pieces that are pretty fragile. So before you start loading them into a box, wrap them up first. You don’t have to wrap each piece individually, but make sure to give the most delicate ones that extra protection. Then, sort them in groups and wrap them up in several layers of packing paper. For example, pack cards separately from the figurines etc. And make sure you don’t make too big piles, items could get scratched from rubbing against each other. You can use the same method for your books too. Wrap up the most delicate ones separately and add some bubble wrap for extra cushioning. Other items sort in small piles and wrap up.

    Box them up smartly

    Size and quality of the moving boxes are essential for successful packing books and board games. If you have kept the original boxes for your board games, that is ideal. If not, find boxes that will fit games, not too big or too small ones. And for the books, make sure you use only medium and small size boxes. Keep in mind that books are too heavy to load them in large boxes.

    As you probably know, there are many places where you can find free cardboard boxes in NYC. And reusing these boxes is not just good for your budget, but for the planet too. Just make sure boxes are sturdy, dry and clean before you start loading them.

    Make sure the bottom of every box is sturdy if not, put some additional layer of cardboard for extra protection, and seal the bottom with duck tape. Then, start loading the boxes with heavier items first. Lighter items should go on top. And the most fragile items should be packed separately and then placed on top. Most noteworthy, don’t overload boxes. Because if you do, they will be too heavy for carrying and your items could be damaged during the transport.

    Person holding cards, table with cards and figurines
    If you pack them safely, you’ll get to enjoy your board games for many years to come

    Don’t forget the labeling

    Labeling is very important because it will give a sign to you or your movers what is inside the box. Remember to label the boxes that contain delicate items as ‘fragile’. Also, add as many details as possible. For example, by naming the box poetry books instead of just books, you will make your unpacking and settling into your new home way easier. Because you will know exactly what is in which box. If you have a great collection of board games, include names of the games when naming the boxes. Beside the unpacking, checking your inventory list will be easier this way too.

    Packing books and board games with ease

    We really hope our little guide for packing books and board games will help you go through the entire packing and moving process smoothly. Proper packing is time-consuming, that’s a fact. But on the other hand, it will give you peace of mind, and that counts. Remember, if you take good care of your hobby items, you will get to enjoy them for many years to come!

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