Packing a king-size bed – tips and tricks

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    Packing and moving large furniture is always a challenge. And the biggest task is always packing the trickiest of all furniture- king size bed. It is heavy and massive, and impossible for one person to handle. Hence, better have a professional moving company by your side to help you out with packing a king-size bed. Whatever you choose, keep in mind these tips and tricks we have prepared for you.

    First, determine if it’s worth it

    Before you start packing a king-size bed and making a plan for disassembly and loading onto the truck, you might want to think about whether it’s worth all of the hassle. A great king size bed in a good condition is always worth it. But if yours has seen better days, you might consider buying a new one for your new home.

    Packing a king-size bed with white sheets and a plant beside
    Moving a king size bed is only worth it if it’s in a good condition

    Packing a king-size bed

    Although you can move any bed without special supplies and tools, they do make the job easier. That is one of the advantages of professional NYC moving services- you don’t have to worry about equipment. Anyhow, before you start packing a king-size bed, you will need to purchase some packing supplies.

    • mattress bag or box in the right size
    • furniture pads
    • moving blankets
    • plastic sheeting
    • moving straps or ropes and a few
    • hand tools

    If you by any chance have a mattress box, slide the mattress inside and seal it up. If not, wrap it in plastic sheeting or mattress bag. This way you will protect it from dust and dirt. Then, protect the box springs the same way.

    Disassemble the bed frame

    Trying to move the king bed frame without disassembly is makes no sense, especially if the bed has a king headboard. Most noteworthy, when you buy king size bed, make sure to keep the assembly handbook so you know how to do it in reverse. Using some basic tools, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. f your bed has some storage underneath, make sure to empty all the drawers and remove them from the frame. A bed will be much lighter to carry outside without them. Then you should raise the mattress up on one end and move it against a wall.

    And remember, even if your mattress has handles, as many do, they are not for lifting or carrying. These handles are only for nudging and positioning a mattress once it is on a bed.

    Packing a king-size bed and dissembling it with tool kit
    The basic tool kit will do a trick when dissembling

    Wrapping time!

    Before loading into truck, wrap the bed frame completely in blankets to prevent scratching. This is especially important if you have a wooden bed frame since they are delicate. Once you have wrapped the entire frame, secure it with the blankets over the king bed frame with duct tape. Finally, once you arrive at your location, just repeat these steps in reverse and you will be unpacked in a blink of an eye!

    How to move the mattress and box spring

    Keep in mind that a king-size mattress can be a bit heavy, so be careful not to get injured while moving it. However, with the help of one or two movers or friends, you shouldn’t have too much trouble moving it out of the house. Also, you should know that the average door in an American home is 80 inches tall. Since king-size mattresses are usually 80 inches by 76 inches, you shouldn’t have to force it through any doorways. And although California king mattress is too long to fit through the door standing up, it’s only 72 inches wide.

    Platform beds and some other types of bed don’t come with a box spring at all. And if your bed does come with a box spring, there is no reason to worry. Although it is awkward and bulky to carry, it is usually very light and shouldn’t be a problem. Professionals such as Clinton moving company, place them on their sides, standing up inside a moving truck. This is a great trick for saving space.

    Make it easier for yourself

    When packing a king-size bed and moving it, you might run into a few obstacles along the way. To avoid this, check out some tips that can help you work through the tricky spots.

    • Make sure to measure the moving truck before you rent it. Because believe it or not, some of them are too small to fit a king-size mattress set and the bed frame.
    • Also, you should either fully disassemble the bed, or place the assembled bed on the truck as one unit. You should avoid partly disassembling since it can leave areas of the frame without proper support.
    • For moving and packing a king-size bed, you will probably need a furniture dolly. Although a dolly is too small for moving a king-size mattress, it will help with moving box springs, drawers, and other pieces.
    • In case you need more space through doorways, you can remove doors easily. Avoid removing the hinges, as that makes the job more difficult. Instead, just tap out the hinge pin that goes through the center of each hinge. A thin screwdriver or awl will do the trick just fine, and then the door will lift right off. Once you are done, set the door back in place and tap in the hinge pins.
    A woman laying in bed with a book on her face
    Make a good plan for moving and packing your king size bed and stick to it

    A good plan saves a day

    Moving furniture is never easy. While sofas are heavy, chairs can be awkward for moving. Also, if you are not careful enough, you can lose all of the screws from your furniture as soon as you disassemble them. But moving any bed, especially a moving and packing a king-size bed, is usually the least favorite part of packing and moving process. But keep in mind that, the more that you prepare for it, the better off you’ll be. Hence, make a good plan and stick to it. You will have plenty of time to rest in your king size bed later!

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