Organizing a successful pre-move garage sale

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    If you’re planning a move, you need to prepare to leave your old life behind. You’re starting anew. Your new home’s waiting. If you’ve lived in the same place for a while, you probably can’t wait to move. Chances are that you also have a lot of stuff. Stuff you don’t know what to do with. Old furniture and carpets, house décor, and clothes are a good example. If you’re relocating to Manhattan, you probably won’t have space for all that. Too much clutter can be a real problem. It’s better to leave it all behind because you don’t want it in your new home. Of course, you can try to make the most out of it. There is a way to profit from your problem. You just need to learn to organize a successful pre-move garage sale.

    Get the word out

    If you’ve decided to sell your old things, you’re going to need to attract prospective buyers. Hopefully, you get along with your neighbors. But, if such is not the case, there are still ways to go about it. Here’s what you can do:

    • use social media
    • put out flyers
    • call your friends and family
    • spread the word in your everyday conversations
    • look for buyers on eBay for anything you aren’t able to sell

    You should also try to do this in advance. Inform the right people well ahead of time. They’ll need to know when to save the date because we are all busy.

    Use social media to spread the word about your pre-move garage sale.

    Clean your house thoroughly before your pre-move garage sale

    Before you start selling things left and right, you should know what you’re working with. Clean your house room by room. You’ll probably find a lot of things you forgot you had. If you’re on a schedule, there are ways to clean your house in a day. By doing this thoroughly, you’re sure to find some items you’re willing to part with. Get rid of them for a good price!

    Some things you just have to contend with

    Of course, there is bound to be some things you can’t sell. Nowadays not many people need extravagant items. Therefore, you’ll probably need to bring that piano or that large painting with you. Contact piano movers in Manhattan, who will be happy to help you.

    pre-move garage sale
    Even with the well-organized pre-move garage sale, there might be some things you can’t sell.

    After your successful pre-move garage sale is done, there are still things you can do

    Once you’ve done all that, you shouldn’t have much-unwanted clutter left. However, if you still need to get rid of some stuff, try to think outside the box. You can always find reliable moving companies. They can help you in many ways. They’ll transport everything to your new location. Furthermore, some of them, like moving company Inwood even offer storage services. You can rely on them to take good care of everything you weren’t able to sell.

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