Organizing a smooth move to college

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    Ah, those amazing college days! Most people have wonderful memories of them. We genuinely hope that you will have a great time there as well. But before coming to that stage, you will have to surmount one big obstacle. In order to move to college smoothly, you must prepare on time. For instance, if you are moving to Manhattan for studies, you need to find accommodation and transport your belongings. That’s where reputable movers come in handy. And we are here to provide you with the most useful advice.

    Plan your move to college in advance

    This is not the right time to procrastinate or burn the midnight oil at the last moment. You must know that moving out for studies requires some time and preparation. Therefore, draw up a comprehensive plan. It can also be in the form of a checklist so that you are able to check every step you have finished. It should include everything that is necessary to do, from packing to finding some cheap storage Manhattan can offer. Of course, everyone’s plan is different and unique in its own way. Someone needs storage, others don’t, and so on.

    Roommates talking
    Meet your roommates before moving. Create a joint plan.

    If you are moving into a college campus, check the timetables and deadlines carefully. Your moving day activities will mostly depend on them. Generally, students who are relocating to college face strict check-in times and parking rules. Colleges and campuses can have harsh regulations, so you had better not break them on the very first day. 

    What is more important, prepare all the necessary documents. Check with the college what paperwork is required. After you move to college, it is also recommended that you have a bank account. there are many affordable offers in banks, though extra caution is a must.

    Pack efficiently before moving out for studies

    You can’t bring everything you have to your new room. You are most likely to have a roommate, so they will also want to bring their own stuff. Prior to relocating to college, you ought to find out who that person will be and to be in touch with them. It is a good idea to discuss with them what you will move into the new home. For example, it is not necessary for both of you to take plates and glasses. One can bring plates, whereas another can bring glasses instead. 

    A student bedroom after the move to college
    You won’t have much space for all your stuff.

    You are definitely going to downsize, which means you will bring only necessary items. Imagine you are moving house like a minimalist and everything will be easier. Thus, in order to move to college, you need to declutter. We aren’t saying you should throw anything away. But you will have to part with some stuff for some time. You will leave them at home.

    What to pack for the move to college

    The answer to this question is not so difficult. But the problem appears when you have to deal with sentimental clutter and become aware that you can’t bring everything. For that reason, we have compiled a list of college life essentials.

    • Clothes — pack season clothes only. If you have more space and a larger wardrobe, then you can bring all your clothes. If you haven’t worn some items for a long time, you won’t need them at college either. 
    • Bed linen and towels — pack your sheets, pillow, and towels. You can also add some decorative cushions and a sleeping bag if necessary. 
    • Medicines — make sure to pack a first-aid kit and medicines to have them after you move out for studies.
    • Books and pencil cases — pack the study materials first. Then use the remaining space for other reading supplies, such as novels or comics.
    • Food and toiletries — a small bulk of these things is always useful. Who knows how far the nearest shop is. That way, you will ensure that you have everything at least for the first week. 
    • Utensils and appliances — check with your roommate what to bring before you move to college. You don’t want a kitchen with 20 plates. So this should be planned well. Don’t forget about small things, such as can-openers or screwdrivers, etc. 
    • Electronics and gadgets — you probably won’t forget about these. You will bring your laptop and phone, but also think of other things you might need. For instance, some people bring TVs, video game consoles, etc.
    • Photos and decorations — a reasonable number of such items is always useful. That way, you will make your new bedroom become your new home. Everything will get a personal feature and you will feel more comfortable.

    How to pack your belongings

    This is maybe the most difficult step in the organization of any moving process. Remember that one day isn’t enough. To be honest, before moving out for studies, it’s better to choose a few days for packing purposes only. There are various packing techniques, so it is up to you to decide which one you find the most suitable. However, some tips are universal. Pay attention to the following:

    • You can use your towels, clothes, and bed linen to keep fragile stuff safe.
    • Load larges items with smaller ones. Put lighter items on heavier ones. 
    • While relocating to college, make sure your boxes and bags are labeled clearly.
    • Don’t pack and take the prohibited items.

    After relocating to college

    The first thing students do is unpacking. Make sure to decide with your roommate who will use which shelf or wardrobe. If you have to share only one, then divide it into equal parts. And always keep it clean.

    Students having fun
    Remember to socialize and have fun.

    At the end of the day, the most significant step is meeting new people. After you finally move to college, spend some time with your roommate. Get to know him or her better. Together, you can make friends with other students. Walk around the city. There are lots of things to see in Manhattan and many more free time activities to experience.  And don’t forget to achieve a good study-life balance! 

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