NYC tenant rights you should know

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    NYC can seem like a scary place. The noise, the smells, the constant crowds. It certainly is as close as you can get to a literal concrete jungle. But, there are certain things that make it much more civilized than it can sometimes seem. Over the years many laws have been instated that protect NYC tenant rights. And, if you want to make sure that you are not taken advantage of after moving to New York, you need to be aware of them. Here is a rundown of what you should keep in mind.

    What are NYC tenant rights?

    Let’s start off with defining what NYC tenant rights are. These are laws that provide tenants of NYC with certain legal rights. Their rights are mostly provided by the landlord with whom you signed your lease. Mind you, there are different types of leases that have different legal coverages. Therefore, you need to know which one you have.

    Who provides the rights?

    These rights are provided to NYC residents by the state of NYC. You and your landlord can have an agreement by simply talking to each other. But, it is highly advisable that you have a written agreement regarding your relationship in regards to the apartment. Also known as a lease. This way you will have a much stronger case if anything goes wrong or if one of your rights get jeopardized. Plus, you will have a much easier time dealing with your landlord if any issues pop up.


    There are essentially two different types of leases. The first one states the period of time in which the lease will be active. It is usually not less than six months and most often it longer than a year. During this time the landlord cannot change the amount of rent he charges you. Breaking the lease will require a former notice from the landlord and your agreement. The landlord cannot legally evict you without the permit from the state. If he does he will be doing so illegally. If the landlord wishes to change the rent, he can only do so with your agreement. After the period of the lease is over there can either be an automatic continuation (which has to be defined in the lease) or it can be no longer valid.

    Written NYC tenant rights
    Read carefully before you sign any document. The lease should outline all the NYC tenant rights you are entitled to.

    The second type of lease is month to month. This type of lease only states the amount that you have to pay each month. If the landlord wishes to evict you he can do so. But, he has to notify you at least 30 days in advance. He also has to notify you about any changes in rent amount.

    Clean and comfortable living

    Under the NYC tenant rights, you are entitled to rent an apartment that is clean and comfortable. This means that the landlord has to make sure that the apartment you move into has passed certain standards of cleanliness and comfort. These include that you have the basic utilities at your disposal. It also means that the landlord has to provide heating between 1st October and

    Health regulations

    The apartment you are renting must be healthy. First, the landlord needs to make sure that there is no mold. He also needs to take care of any pests such as rats or bugs. If any happen to come about during your stay, you need to talk with your landlord as soon as possible. Sometimes the source of contamination or pests is in between apartments or in a completely different apartment from yours. While it is up to the landlord to deal with pests, it is up to you to clean and declutter the apartment regularly.

    Apartment repairs

    Repairs regarding the apartment are usually divided into two groups. Maintenance and big repairs. Maintenance of the apartment should be provided by the landlord. It includes maintaining the health of the apartment and the quality.  Keep in mind that some maintenance, like redoing the floors of the apartment, might require you to find storage in Manhattan. While you need to have cleaning habits that will greatly help with maintaining the apartment’s health, the landlord needs to pay for rundown pieces of the apartment.

    Maintenance and repairs
    The landlord should pay for any major improvements or repairs on the apartment. You just need to keep in the same condition when you started living in it.

    Repairs are a bit different. If the cause of the break or damage was time, meaning that there was no misuse than the landlord needs to pay. But, if the cause of damage of breaking was you being negligent or oblivious, you need to pay for the repair. This, as you can imagine, can lead to a lot of disputes and even legal procedures.


    Of the newest NYC tenant rights is the right to privacy and peace and quiet. What this means is that when you rent an apartment, you get the right to control who comes in it. Even though the landlord legally owns the apartment, he has no right to come inside without your knowledge. Of course, this can change under special circumstances, but if you are paying your rent on time, there is no cause for him to come uninvited. Noone has the right to disturb you in your apartment as long as you aren’t breaking any law.

    Relaxing in your apartment
    You have the right to enjoy the peace and quiet of your apartment.

    Peace and quiet

    If the landlord owns multiple apartments in the building, he needs to make sure that they are being civil. This is the peace and quiet part. Now, remember that you are living in NYC after all. Don’t expect that you will experience a lot of peace and quiet in the city that never sleeps. Just ask your long distance movers Manhattan. Your neighbors need to uphold any rules and regulations that the landlord out states in the lease. If the rules seem unreasonable, you can talk with the landlord.

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