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    Moving to New York soon and you want to organize the whole moving process and relocate by yourself? It is absolutely possible to successfully complete the move yourself, but you need to get well organized and follow certain steps. Therefore, we will show you how to create your NYC moving preparation timeline schedule and relocate like a real professional. No matter how difficult moving to NYC is, our easy week-by-week steps will help you relocate without stress and prepare for moving ahead of time. If you want to avoid moving scams and issues, stick to the schedule and be persistent. Let’s start!

    Create NYC moving preparation timeline schedule

    About 3 to at least 2 months before moving, create your NYC moving preparation schedule. You can write down the schedule on a piece of paper, make some notes on your smartphone or buy one of those fancy notebooks with a calendar and schedule columns. Mark week by week until the moving day and fill the columns with important tasks you need to complete each week.

    Weekly plan - a calendar will help with making an NYC moving preparation timeline
    Making NYC moving preparation timeline plan can help you organize the whole moving process like a professional and relocate without issues.

    Calculate all moving expenses and prepare the moving budget. Research reliable and affordable moving companies. Decide what you don’t want to relocate and donate or sell it to earn some money. These are the first tasks to obtain. And if you need more space to store your household until the moving day, check storage facilities in Manhattan.

    8 weeks before the move

    According to your NYC moving preparation schedule, it’s about 8 weeks before the move. It’s the right time to get rid of all the old, damaged and items you don’t use from the attic, basement or storage. Make an inventory of things you want to keep, donate, sell and throw away. If you’re moving on a tight budget, consider moving fewer items, and get rid of all worn out things.

    Another important task is to find reliable movers. Go online and search for moving companies with positive reviews. Choose one ahead of time and move off-peak season to save money! But don’t forget to request an estimate of moving costs in paper. Relocate to another NYC neighborhood soon? Learn how to sell your NYC home the fastest way

    6 weeks before the move

    Traffic in NYC is one of the worst in America. This is why you need to know how to properly prepare for moving to New York. Your NYC moving preparation schedule says it’s 6 weeks before the move. You need to complete the following tasks:

    Ask your movers about the items that are not allowed to transport and find other solution

    • Prepare your children for moving and transfer their school’s paperwork
    • Visit your vet with pets to get medical records and prepare them for transport
    • Get packing materials, cardboard boxes, bubble wrapping, packing paper, cloths, vacuum bags and other
    • Get free moving boxes from your friends and neighbors, or find them at the local liquor store
    • Plan a garage sale if you have some valuable items in a good condition
    man carrying moving boxes into the house
    About 6 weeks before the moving day, decide what you want to pack and gather packing materials and various sized moving boxes.

    4 weeks before the move

    Two weeks before the move, use up all food that you don’t want to move and empty the refrigerator and freezer. If you’re moving any pets and plants make arrangements, plan their transport because movers usually don’t relocate them.

    a picture of signing a contract
    About a month before moving, consult with your movers and take the right moving insurance.

    Finish changing the address and notify banks and credit cards of your new location. Think about setting up the Internet, cable, telephone, gas, electricity, water and others in your new home.

    2 weeks before the move

    About 2 weeks before the move, pack all non-essentials and label moving boxes. Make sure to dispose of any items that can’t be moved such as cleaning materials, propane, or paint. Once you pack things into moving boxes, clean thoroughly all house. Ask your friends or family members to help you. Don’t forget to call your moving company and sign a contract about moving insurance. Moving insurance will provide guaranteed safety to your household during relocation.

    A week before the move

    NYC moving preparation timeline schedule says it’s only a week before moving day. You will certainly feel very nervous and stressed no matter how successfully performed all tasks about moving. But you don’t need to rush, there is still enough time to complete all steps. This is the time to finish packing and pack an essential kit with items you’ll need right away at a new place. Call your movers to confirm the exact time and conditions of moving services. Clean all appliances and empty the fridge. Leave only essential things in your house until the moving day.

    a handshake after home purchasing
    A week before the moving day, reconfirm the exact time, and terms and conditions with the moving company you’ve chosen.

    Hire a professional moving company

    You can get many benefits of hiring a moving and a storage company. Sometimes we are not able to move by ourselves, especially when it comes to last-minute and long-distance moving. In that case, hiring professional movers can relocate your household easily without stress. Movers have long experience, required equipment and the moving truck, and also the best packing supplies to relocate the most fragile and expensive items. Local movers usually charge around $25 per hour per mover. But if you’re moving on long-distance, the price can jump to around $2000 for an average weight of 3000 lbs. Make sure to prepare the moving budget for all expenses.

    Moving day – the most important NYC moving preparation timeline date

    A moving day is the most important date in your NYC moving preparation timeline note. If you’ve followed all the steps above, the moving day will pass without stress. There are still a few things to consider on your moving day. Make sure to keep all important documents and valuables with you. Before the movers come, check if you’ve packed everything and if something is missing. When the movers arrive, show them boxes with fragile items. Check the bill and an inventory before shipping to a new location.

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