Moving while injured – tips to keep you safe

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    Sometimes life just throws you a curveball. You are getting ready for one thing and another, completely unexpected, simply jumps on you. Then you find yourself overwhelmed and confused. You need to figure out what to do and how to do it, and you have very little time to do so. Well, that is moving while injured, in a nutshell. Moving in itself is difficult enough, even if it is a short distance moving. But, moving while injured is not even comparable. It has its own class of difficulty. Here is what you need to know so that you can tackle relocating while injured.

    Moving while injured
    No matter how capable you are, moving while injured will not be easy.

    Deal with your injury

    Before we begin talking about moving while injured, we have to talk about your injury. Look, there are injuries and then there are injuries. You need to figure how severe your injury is and how much does it inhibit your capability to organize and execute a relocation. If an injury caused you to have a sprained finger, no biggie. Wrap it up and go along. But if you are bedridden you can either find someone to completely take care of you or you can kiss your relocation goodbye. Whatever your case may be, take these steps.

    Go to a doctor

    Yup, it sucks, but you best get to it if you already haven’t. You need to know what your condition is if you are going to have any chance in dealing with both it and your relocation. Do not postpone it. Go to your doctor and see what is going on and what can you do. Talk with them about your current situation and try to figure out a way in which they can make you good enough for the move ahead. Some injuries can be tremendously painful but are not actually that damaging. For those instances, the doctor can prescribe some painkillers, so you will be much more operational for those crucial moving days.

    Visit your doctor.
    A doctor will help you deal with your injury and prepare you for the move ahead. Do not risk getting permanent
    damage by acting like a tough guy. Visit your doctor.

    Get helpful tools and devices

    One thing you should remember, once you get injured, is that we are living in the 21st century. Many people before you got injured in pretty much the same way. While that was happening, other people figured out gadgets and tools that the injured people can use to make their lives easier. Use this fact. Find useful tools and devices that can aid you in your move. You are much better off spending a couple of buck on those aids, then suffering needlessly during the move.

    Get help

    Like it or not, moving is a team project. You simply cannot do it on your own. Therefore, when you get injured, you are going to need your teammates to pick up where you are not able to. So, you want to get yourself the best teammates possible. Regardless if they are your friends or professional movers. God forbid that you find yourself injured while trying to have a cross-country move. That kind of a situation will require that you leave 100% of your move in the hands of cross-country movers NYC. As you will soon find out, the biggest thing here is trust.


    There are three things your friends need to be if they are going to properly help you move while injured. Capable, dedicated and reliable. If you were completely healthy, you could deal with friends that are two of those. But, if you are injured, you should only ask people who are all three to help you out. If you do not have friends that fit that description, don’t invite them. You friends helping you poorly can and will soon turn into an argument and can even lead to a broken friendship. But, more imminently, it will lead to a poor if not unsuccessful relocation. Only invite people who you can depend upon to move you without you looking over their shoulder the whole time.


    If you are going to with professional help, which you totally should go with someone local and reliable. Cost shouldn’t be your primary concern. Again, remember that you are in an unfavorable condition. Bad moving companies can and will take advantage of you, which will cost you much more than a reliable Upper East Side moving company. Check the online reviews and find the movers that are most reliable. You will have to trust them with every part of the move, with minimum supervision from your end. You do not want to hire someone cheap but not trustworthy.

    Plan everything

    Whether it is your friends of professional movers, you need to have a sit-down and plan out every single aspect of your relocation. Figure out a way in which you can overview the relocation without being physically constantly there. Either make a clear timeline and have someone report on its progress. Or have someone give you a daily report on how things are going. Whatever the case, a solid plan is your only way of contributing when you are moving while injured.

    Making a timeline
    You will do yourself a huge favor by making a timeline. Not only will you have a better idea about the move as a whole, but you will be able to keep track of the progress.

    Final tips for moving while injured

    Take your time. Moving while injured is tremendously complicated. Add rushing to that mix and you find yourself in an impossible situation. Give yourself enough time to plan everything properly and for everyone to learn and understand your plan. If you try to rush things you will not only make mistakes, but you will frustrate people helping you, which will cause them to make mistakes. Just make sure that you find the people who can do the job properly, and give them enough time to do so. If they are successful, don’t shy away from rewarding them. They have done you a great service for moving you properly while you healed. Appreciate that. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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