Moving to West Village with family

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    The West Village offers an amazing escape from the NYC noisy and crowded streets. With some of the best properties, boutiques, and restaurants in the city, it is one of the trendiest neighborhoods to raise a family. And what gives this cozy little neighborhood its flavor are the kids and all the benefits they will have. With easy access to Hudson River Park, tree-lined streets and a chic downtown, you will certainly enjoy living here. Of course, living here is not cheap, but if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth it! Here are some tips for moving to West Village with ease!

    Moving to West Village, neighborhood with beautiful buildings
    This neighborhood has a style and a soul

    Moving to West Village stress-free

    Every relocation is always a big challenge in one’s life. And moving to West Village with family is a whole new level. Balancing between your job, packing and preparing your kids for the move, you will need every help you can get. Hence, better find experienced West Village movers to help you relocate safely and stress-free. This way you will have time to handle more important things, your kids’ school changing and bureaucracy.

    And if you don’t have time to chase packing supplies and pack your household, you can rely on expert packing services Manhattan. Leaving the relocation and packing process to the professionals will save your time, nerves and even your money. People often end up spending more time and money on packing by themselves than they would pay professionals to do that for them. So, try to make your relocation as easy as possible.

    Playgrounds and parks

    Since you are moving to West Village with kids, having parks and playgrounds for them to enjoy is very important. And the top destination for parents and kids here is Bleecker Playground, especially after brunch. Besides the facts this is a paradise for the little ones, it is a place where parents meet and talk as well. And when you feel adventurous, you can mix it up and visit two other neighborhood hot spots – Horatio Playground and Leroy Playground.

    Proximity to Hudson River Park is also something you and your kids will appreciate. There are many activities you can enjoy here. Your kids can run, stroll, ride a bike, scoot and play soccer along the Hudson River Park. And of course, you can joy them too! Hence, if your apartment is too small for your kids to run and play, no worries. There are many places you can let them run wild and you won’t have to go far to find them. If you were deciding between suburbian home or downtown apartment in NYC, this will probably help you choose. Because you don’t have to sacrifice outdoor activities when moving to West Village, on the contrary.

    Man and woman walking with a toddler and strollers
    You don’t have to give up outdoor activities, on the contrary

    Neighborhood with style and soul

    What you will certainly enjoy is the Greenwich Village Historic District. With its pre-war brick buildings and overall scenery well preserved, this area looks amazing. One of the oldest buildings in this neighborhood is the Isaacs-Hendricks House at 77 Bedford St., and it’s becoming a monument. Walking these streets, you will feel as you are in more of a European-style pre-war neighborhood.

    When moving to West Village, you will meet a lot of artists, eccentric types, and young people. It has palpable energy that you can’t feel in Midtown, or anywhere else really.  What makes it unique is that most of the restaurants and shops are still small and independently owned. A good example of this is the bookstore Three Lives & Company on 10th Street that has been around for nearly 50 years. Don’t miss to visit speakeasy-style bars like Employees Only on Hudson Street and The Garret, tucked away nicely on a second floor on Bleecker Street.

    Your kids will love the restaurants too

    We all know how kids can be picky eaters, but a variety of restaurants in West Village will change their mind. Restaurants here are particularly kid-friendly, and kids just love them! Therefore, you are going to dine at the best selection of restaurants in the city without ever leaving your neighborhood. We highly recommend Red Farm, Blue Ribbon, Commerce, Rosemary’s and Market Table. And that list is growing bigger and bigger every month.

    West Village parents online community

    Did you ever wonder how all those moms and babies meet? Well, it’s no accident. West Village parents have an online parents group and they plan meet-ups, swap your stuff, and make friends this way. Joining this group will not only help you mingle but also solve your biggest questions and concerns. You get to meet new people with kids who share your interests and can help you and your kids adjust to a new environment.

    Fashion lovers will love it!

    Whether you like it or not, West Village parents dress to impress. And they stick to it even if it means baby spit up on designer shoes. So, if you are a fashion lover yourself, you will get to enjoy shopping with other parents here. If you check out the crowd at preschool pick up, you’ will see the latest trends.

    Baby boy with a hat
    You and your kids will enjoy shopping and fashion in West Village

    Your kids will be fashionable too

    Doodle-Doo’s is the best place for a kid’s haircut in the West Village and it offers an amazing selection of toys too. Additionally, moving to West Village means shopping at favorite baby boutiques in NYC. Your kids will wear clothes from Yola, Bonpoint, Teich, Little Marc Jacobs, and Bombalulus.

    Little stars are born

    Interestingly, all those kids that can be seen in the background of Law & Order or The Goodwife and numerous new movies are little New Yorkers, mostly from West Village. Because film crews are all over the West Village, almost every day. Just by taking a walk with your little ones you will probably go through the shot at some point. Are you ready to call your movers?

    As you can see, moving to West Village with family is probably one of the best decision you will make. Good luck and enjoy every second!

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