Moving to Manhattan without a job

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    Many dream of living in New York City. It is not surprising that NYC is the most populous city in the entire country with more than 8,336,817 people living in its famous boroughs. Since you are planning to move to NYC, you should prepare everything in advance. Life in NYC is not cheap, just, on the contrary, it is really expensive. However, sometimes life does not work the way you want. You might be unemployed at the moment but this should not discourage you. Moving to Manhattan without a job is possible. Here is how to achieve this seemingly impossible feat. 

    Moving to Manhattan without a job by making your budget 

    NYC moving without a job is possible. However, moving without money would be extremely hard. Some would say impossible. For this reason, you should plan your budget accordingly. You should work until your moving day. Save every penny that you can. How can you save money? Here are some suggestions. First, skip shopping. You can buy new shirts, dresses, pants, shoes, etc. after your move. In addition to this, you should also avoid dining out. Instead, buy fresh ingredients and prepare meals at your home. Next, you can skip taking taxi. Instead, you can walk, take a bus, or even ride a bike. Physical activity will do wonders for your body and health and for your budget. How long should you save money? This depends on your monthly expenses and your future plans in NYC. Just make sure you have enough money. 

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    Make sure to save money before moving to NYC

    To rent a place or not 

    Renting in NYC can be a nightmare. Since your goal is Manhattan, it gets even worse. Manhattan is one of the most expensive parts of NYC. For this reason, you have a couple of options. You can find a place to rent by yourself. Most people dream of having a place all for themselves.

    However, this is hardly possible when you are moving without a job. Rents in Manhattan are pretty expensive. Therefore, you should not spend all of your savings on rent. You still need to buy food and other necessities until you find a job. That is why you can get a roommate. You should be careful here as well. If you have an acquaintance living in Manhattan, you should see if they are looking for a roommate or if they know someone who needs one as well. Lastly, you can try couch surfing.  

    Moving to Manhattan without a job by having a backup plan 

    Every move is risky to some extent. You can never know for sure what will happen during the transport with Chelsea movers, and after the move. For this reason, it is extremely important to have a backup plan ready just in case. This is where your family comes in. Some people are not comfortable enough about asking their parents for help. However, you will probably need some help. Ask your family to help you in case something goes wrong. In addition to this, you should also get in touch with someone who is already living in NYC. This does not mean demanding help. Just on the contrary, you will feel better if you can talk to someone you already know. Lastly, a good backup plan includes going back home. Always have money at least for a bus ticket to your hometown. 

    sticky notes on paper
    Always have a backup plan just in case

    How to find a job in Manhattan 

    Even though you’re moving to New York City without the job, you should start searching for one as soon as possible. for this reason, here is how you should find a job in Manhattan. 

    • Resume – when you’re searching for a job anywhere in the country, you need to hand in your resume. For this reason, you need to polish your CV. 
    • Use the Internet – make sure to daily check popular websites for employment.
    • Manhattan address – you should put your NYC address on your resume. Some employers will hesitate to hire someone out of the state. For this reason, put your new address even if it is temporary. 
    • Interviews – Make sure to plan your route at least two days before your interview. You don’t want to be late but getting around Manhattan can be challenging. 

    All the tips when moving to Manhattan without the job 

    It can be hard to organize your move when you’re currently unemployed. In addition to this, since you are moving to the New York City, you need to save a large amount of money. You can also save money when organizing your relocation. First of all, you should only bring necessities. This should include all the important personal documents, clothes, sheets, electronics, chargers, medicine, and similar. As you might know, the more items you want to move, the higher your moving cost will be. You should not spend a large amount of money transporting all the things that you can buy gradually in New York City. Then, see if you should use professional moving services or if you should opt for a DIY move. Again, you can ask your friends and family to help you. 

    man carrying a briefcase
    You should find a job as soon as possible

    How to survive in NYC without a job 

    First of all, you should learn how to save. The best way to do this is by tracking your spending. In addition to this, you should give yourself a certain amount of money to spend in one day. This way, you will not spend more money than necessary. Again, the same technique applies when saving money in Manhattan. Try to avoid visiting Starbucks for coffee, dining out at expensive restaurants, taking a taxi everywhere, and similar. You can use other ways of transportation as taking a bus or subway, walking to your work if it’s close by, or riding a bike. Lastly, you should meet other people, such as your neighbors or your new colleagues. Since life in New York City can be quite stressful, you will need support from your friends and family. 

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