Moving to Manhattan as a single parent: Pros & Cons

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    The everyday life of a single parent isn’t easy, not to mention how chaotic it gets when moving is on the agenda. Moving is famously tiring and difficult for many, not just for the people who are raising kids on their own. But when you put these two life situations together, you get a truly daunting task. Moving to Manhattan as a single parent is not for the faint-hearted. But still, fear not – many single parents have moved and survived it and can now convert their stories into advice. Here are a few pros and cons to consider if you’re looking for an NYC moving company. We know you need all the help you can get as a single parent. These tips and tricks should make your life a bit easier and more comfortable during this process.

    Cons of moving to Manhattan as a single parent

    We should start with the cons of moving to Manhattan as a single parent, because, maybe you’ll be happy to know, that there are much fewer cons than the pros. Most of them aren’t just the struggles for the single moms and dads, they present a problem for anyone moving to NYC. Living in this city sometimes can be hectic, but the benefits make up for it.

    Mom with her daughter, moving to Manhattan as a single parent
    If you need a little break from all the parenthood responsibilities, NYC Nightlife is invigorating when you have the time and money for it!
    • High living costsBy now everybody knows that New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, this doesn’t seem to stop a growing influx of people that are choosing it as their new home each year. If they can manage, so can you. After all, you are a super mom or a super da!

    When you are moving to Manhattan, you have to correctly do the budget calculations and make sure that the living costs will be possible for your lifestyle.

    • Traffic jamsSaying that the Big Apple is crowded is an understatement! The public transportation system is great. But no one dreams of driving, as it can be a nightmare due to crazy traffic jams. Clinton movers would advise that you sell your car before moving to NYC. Manhattan especially.
    • TouristsIf you are moving to Manhattan as a single parent, you have to adjust to the fact that you will be living one of the most popular boroughs in the world. And the tourists are everywhere! They practically own the city!
    • Fast paceThe pace of life in NYC isn’t suitable for everyone. Maybe for you as a single parent, life is always in the third gear and you won’t even notice this.

    Now let’s look at the pros of moving to Manhattan as a single parent!

    Daycare market is amazing

    If you need daycare, New York cannot be a better place for finding a perfect kindergarten for your child. Wherever you settle in in NYC, there is plenty of high-quality daycare places. If you need one close to work, it’s there. If, however, you need one close to home, there’s one there too, as well! Either way, they are abundant. Some companies in the Big Apple even provide childcare, so if you’re one of the lucky ones, you won’t have search too far and wide for quality service.

    Central Park is probably one of the biggest pros for any parent

    This amazing and huge park is usually the greatest selling point for people deciding between NYC and other cities. Such a vast green area in the middle of a giant city is a sure seller for anyone since greenery has become such a rare spotting in most concrete jungles around the world. If you are moving to Manhattan as a single parent, Central Park will be your perfect chance to just sit back and relax for a little bit while your kid enjoys nature and plays. This is usually one of the factors that make moving to Manhattan an enjoyable undertaking for most single parents.


    New York City Public Library and some taxis in front
    NYC has over 200 libraries where you could have some peace and silence, and rest your mind from the ‘why is the sky blue’ questions.

    No cooking? No way!

    Manhattan is basically restaurant land. Any cuisine and style of cooking, packing, delivering is just a phone call away. And every type of fast food you can think of will probably be just around the corner! Your little one will have the opportunity to try out different world-wide meals and you will have some extra time in the day.

    Schools are reputable

    The schools are really amazing. No matter what you’re leaning towards, public or private, pre-school to college, there is an enormous amount of choices.

    You can truly rely on the New York medical system

    Another thing you won’t have to worry about at all is health care. Whichever type of pediatric care you might need, you’ll be able to find very high-quality help. And the best part of the medical system here is that many practitioners have the flexibility of evening hours or weekend hours. Isn’t that amazing news for single parents such as yourself!


    Do you remember when you were young and there was no Internet? No way to simply Web search any painting, any book or music album when you wanted to learn something new? If you happened to be interested in art or architecture when you were young, there was no simple way for you to learn. Besides internet not existing back then, you usually didn’t get that much travel money, so you were pretty much stuck. Always trying to scavange some cool books or magazines.
    Today it’s different, and it’s even more different for NYC residents. Your kid will have the opportunity to visit famous museums and learn about all the great artists before turning 10. If you’re moving to Manhattan as a single parent, it will be a brilliant opportunity to take your child to all sorts of exciting exhibitions. 

    Mom and daughter walking away on cobble road
    The Big Apple labor market offers more job openings than any other state in the US.

    Job Opportunities

    Moving to Manhattan as a single parent will demand you find the perfect job. The possibilities are vast, though, so it should not be long before you immerse yourself in some of the many industries and many types of work NYC offers. The Big Apple labor market offers more job openings than any other state in the US. As a matter of fact, NYC is the second city in the entire world in the job opportunities market. On the other hand, it definitely does not mean that it is easy to find work. This only means that the opportunities will be wider and that your chances are higher than somewhere else. Just be persistent and luck will smile down on you.

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