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    Ask anyone who loves New York, and they will tell you that the city is the top of the world. And within it, the top of the city would be Manhattan. So, wouldn’t it be amazing to live on the roof of the top of the world? That’s exactly what Inwood is! The neighborhood is at the northernmost tip of the island and is a home to many people. But what is it like living there? Should you call the best expert moving company Inwood has to offer and start planning your move? Well, first, you should take a second to learn more about the neighborhood. And that’s exactly what we are here to help you with! In today’s article, find out why moving to Inwood is a great idea!

    Why moving to Inwood is a great idea?

    There are many reasons that make Inwood a unique and interesting Manhattan neighborhood. These are but a few of those:

    • Inwood feels disconnected from Manhattan in some ways,
    • the crime keeps dropping down in the neighborhood,
    • there is a multitude of things to do here,
    • moving to Inwood means you are still connected to Manhattan.

    Now, let’s take a deeper dive into these advantages and examine them more closely.

    Inwood differs from the rest of Manhattan

    If you start at the south part of Manhattan and move up, you might begin to notice a lot of differences. These might include the changes in terrain, but also in the architecture and the people themselves. Because of its geographical position, there are many things unique to Inwood, which you will not see in other parts of the island. First, it is bound on three sides by rivers – the Hudson and Harlem Rivers. There are also various zoning limitations in the neighborhood, so the buildings are no higher than seven stories. This allows the neighborhood to offer beautiful parks and plenty of history to anyone moving to Inwood.

    The Hudson river - you will see it after moving to Inwood.
    Inwood is surrounded by rivers.

    Many people looking into moving to Manhattan often refuse to move above 96th street. However, this is a huge mistake. Inwood offers open spaces and a clear sky (because of the seven-stories buildings) which you might see in Brooklyn, while still being on Manhattan. It really is a mixture of the best of both worlds, so you should be sure to pay it a visit! The neighborhood is popular with retirees looking to downsize from their New York (or New Jersey) homes, so it offers a mostly peaceful and tranquil community. You can spend your days resting in one of the many Inwood parks.

    The crime rate keeps dropping down

    Just like the rest of the Upper Manhattan, the crime rate in Inwood was horrendous during the past. However, what’s important to note is that since 1990, the crime suffered a major drop – a staggering 86 percent! Nowadays, moving to Inwood means you will be safe. Though, keep in mind, no one can guarantee you total safety – just like anywhere else in Manhattan. The island is quite popular with tourists, so there are thousands of people circling the place on a daily basis.

    A woman in the park.
    Inwood is relatively safe.

    An interesting thing to note is that crime is not the main concern to the residents of Inwood. In recent years, due to the influx of families and your professional coming with long distance movers Manhattan, there is now a bigger fear of gentrification and displacement, rather than crime. This has especially gained steam once the city recognized the area as a rezoning project, but no one really knows what the future of Inwood holds.

    There are so many things to do after moving to Inwood!

    If you are worried that you will be bored after moving to Inwood, think again! First, you will be living in Manhattan! How can anyone ever be bored in the City that never sleeps? Secondly, there are so many things to do in your own neighborhood, as well. No need to figure out the best ways to commute in Manhattan to get to the Downtown for a fun night out.

    People kayaking.
    You will never be bored in Inwood!

    And although there aren’t too many nightclubs here – there are a lot of restaurants! Dominican cuisine, in particular, is quite popular here. You can find the majority of these west of Broadway, while across the street the area becomes more industry oriented. There are also a lot of different destinations for the lovers of history, culture as well as sports! Try the Met Cloisters or the Inwood Canoe Club, or visit Columbia University’s Baker Athletics Complex.

    The commute won’t take too much

    If you are still worried about going Downtown because that’s where you were able to find a cheap storage in Manhattan – fear not! You will find that the neighborhood is quite convenient when it comes to its connections. The 1 and A trains serve Inwood, and they go straight down to Midtown Manhattan and the 42nd Street. You can even switch the ride at 168th if one of them is not working. You can grab one every 26 minutes, so you will not miss a thing!

    However, the one thing that might prove difficult after moving to Inwood is reaching the East Side. There is an expensive express bus there which you can take, however, there is a much cheaper option too. Just get on one of the two trains, and then take the crosstown bus from the West Side that will take you East. Another drawback might be that the A line is often crowded. But, if you are living in the north, look at the positive. There will always be more room than when the train hits Midtown Manhattan!

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