Moving tips for military families

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    Have you ever thought of moving as the start of a great family adventure? We promise it could be. As you get ready to pack your entire house (or apartment), consider these moving tips for military families. We at Heart Moving Manhattan NYC can guarantee that our tips can make your next move easier by allowing you to focus on the exciting opportunities that await at your destination. Our company employs experienced relocation professionals that can help you with anything you need. We can also provide you with online tools and personalized support that will help you master your move.

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    If you are moving internationally, it may take several months for your furniture and your car to catch up with you.

    Start planning right away

    • Firstly, it is best if you get to organizing your move as soon as possible. If you need resources to plan your move, our long distance movers NYC will have you covered.
    • Secondly, as soon as you know where and (hopefully) when you’re moving, start creating a personalized timeline.
    • Let one of the best packing and moving companies NYC has to assist you. We can give you packing tips, to-do lists, and checklists to better streamline this process.
    • Next, learn about your new base and the community around it as soon as (and as much as possible). It is also a good time to find housing near your new installation.
    • Additionally, tell your children and help them understand the situation. Promise them a fun adventure and make sure to include them in the process as much as you can. Moving can be a challenging experience for them. Do what you can take to help them navigate the emotional rollercoaster of these changes by reading more of our moving tips for military families on our blog.
    • Finally, obtain a safe PCS during the pandemic. This is one of the most important relocation tips for military families in 2020. Protecting people takes top priority right now. Make sure you learn new safety measures the Department of Defense has put in place.

    Follow these hand-carry moving and packing tips for military families

    There is a very important list of essential items that you’ll need to keep with you at all times during your move. We cannot emphasize enough how vital it is to use our packing hacks. For optimum results, make sure you are following our moving tips for military families and keep these documents on you:

    • Ids, driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, and passports.
    • Marriage, divorce, birth, and naturalization licenses.
    • Medical documentation and medication for any family member that might need them.
    • Housing information such as your insurance policy and inventory.
    • School and employment information.
    • Vital documents regarding your vehicles.
    • Precious heirlooms or irreplaceable household goods.
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    An essential part of conducting your relocation smoothly is to expect the unexpected.

    Moving tips for military families: Know where to turn for answers.

    Prepare your contact information regarding your sponsor and other points at your new installation. This will ensure you have people to turn to if you have important questions. Additionally, you need to make sure you have your insurance company information. In case any of your items suffer damage or get lost during the move, you will have your inventory on hand and you’ll be able to file insurance claims.

    Make sure you don’t forget any last-minute things by booking the pros!

    Now you don’t have anything to worry about. With these moving tips for military families, proper preparation, and a bit of luck, your upcoming move will be worry-free. Seize your adventure and master your move by booking the professionals and resources that have experience in relocating families and military personnel all over the country. Contact us and we’ll organize a safe and easy move!

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