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    Sometimes in life, the time comes to change the place of living. Many people rent apartments nowadays. If you are one of them and you are thinking of moving out of a rental apartment, then you should know several tips. Of course, it is not enough only to hire a Manhattan moving agency, but there are some more steps to take. You should pay attention to make sure everything is clear when it comes to the legal stuff. And, of course, the apartment you are moving out of must be clean and without damage.

    Inform landlords before moving out of a rental apartment

    This is one of the most critical steps. You have to check your lease and see what is written there about the notice period. Usually, a 30-day notice period before leaving a rental apartment is required. However, some contracts go even further and extend that time to 60 or 90 days. So, before scheduling the moving day with your Upper West Side movers, you ought to calculate everything carefully. Not announcing the move-out on time may result in you paying for one more month. Or you can lose your deposit.

    A landlord and a tenant talking about moving out of a rental apartment
    Not only should you talk to your landlord about the move, but also you should write them a formal letter explaining your intention.

    There is one more thing to have in mind. Look at your lease and check in which for the notice has to be. Landlords normally ask for written notice. And that should be the safest way to deal with that matter even if the lease doesn’t oblige you to write one. 

    Resolve financial stuff prior to leaving a rental apartment

    First, make sure all you have paid all the utility bills. In case utilities should be turned off, it is only wise to schedule the turn-off time for the day after you move out of a rented apartment. Therefore, the turn-on time in a new apartment should be scheduled for the day before you move in. You don’t want to be without electricity or water on a moving day. 

    Besides, you should get your security deposit back. Don’t mix it up with the last month’s rent. In general, security deposits cover any incurred damages you have caused in the apartment. Last month’s rents are exactly what their name says — the rent for the last month you have paid upon signing the lease. That means, before moving out of a rental apartment, you don’t have to pay the rent for the last month. Provided that you haven’t made any damages, your landlord has to return your security deposit to you. 

    A man checking his lease
    Certainly, you must always check your lease and see what it says. There may be some specific requirements when it comes to these financial issues. It is better to be on the safe side and not risk too much.

    Clean up and repair everything 

    In order to get back as much of your security deposit as possible, you should definitely do the cleaning. Upon leaving a rental apartment, you will leave it spotlessly clean and your landlord won’t have to spend much money out of your security deposit. If you want to properly clean and disinfect your home when moving, you don’t have to hire a cleaning agency. Your hands will be enough with the support of a mop, broom, cloth, water, and some cleaning liquids. 

    Moreover, a significant step is to fix all the damages you can by yourself. That way, after you move out of a rented apartment, a higher sum will be returned to you than without repairing. And this doesn’t refer only to damages. If you have made any changes to the apartment in the past, it is necessary to check with the landlord if they want it back in the previous state. To illustrate, there are many decorating hacks for renters in NYC, such as removable wallpaper or vinyl stickers. Ask the landlord if you should remove them from the walls and floors.

    A walk-through inspection before you move out of a rented apartment

    It is a good idea to call your landlord and schedule a walk-through inspection with them all around the flat. Many people do that before moving out of a rental apartment to agree with their landlords what is fine and what needs fixing. Put everything on paper and sign it together with them. It is also smart to take pictures of the apartment before leaving to have some evidence that everything is in a good state. 

    Two women checking the document
    When your landlord comes for a final inspection, make a joint list of the things that cause a deduction from your security deposit.

    Address, keys, and other small things

    When you change your address, let your landlord know which address it is. In case anything important needs your attention, it will be easy for the old landlord to find you. What is more, inform your bank, employer, and others about the change of your address. Also, ensure you have gathered all the keys or security cards related to that apartment and building. You must return them to your landlord. 

    Breaking a lease earlier 

    This can be a huge problem and cause a lot of bad consequences. In order to break a lease and move out of a rented apartment, you must check your lease. Most of them include an early termination clause, which shall clearly state what happens in such a situation. Due to complications caused by an early lease termination, you should be very careful. You need a strong reason and you have to be good at problem-solving. Communicate the matter with your landlord and, if necessary, seek legal aid. 

    Hire good movers for moving out of a rental apartment

    Last but not least, you will need some good and reputable movers. Unless you are planning on moving out of a rental apartment by yourself, you should search for a moving company carefully and patiently. There are lots of rogue movers and you don’t want to become a victim of frauds. 

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