Moving-out checklist to implement

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    Making a comprehensive moving checklist is crucial when it comes to having a stress-free move. It will help you not just like a reminder of all the tasks you need to handle but will give you motivation as well. The more boxes you check, the closer your goal is. Additionally, you can make it like a step-by-step timeline, for easier organization. Let’s try to make your moving-out checklist together.

    Sort things out

    Before you start packing, you need to sort your things. While doing that, you will certainly come across belongings you haven’t used for years. Packing is a good opportunity to spring clean, throw away belongings you don’t need. Packing and moving things you don’t use is a common moving mistake. Bu getting rid of them you will downsize your household weight and the price of moving accordingly. Things that are usable you can donate. And the ones that are not, you can recycle. Go through every room of your home and separate things you’d like to keep off the ones you can get rid of.

    Furthermore, think about whether any of your items will require special packing or extra insurance coverage. Be prepared that your belongings will take up more space than you think. Make sure to do all these before you ask your potential movers for a moving estimate so that it could be as accurate as possible.

    Moving - out checklist with notebook and flowers.
    A comprehensive moving checklist will be your best friend.

    Start your moving-out checklist to implement

    You may think a month before moving day is too early to start a moving checklist. But the key to a successful, stress-free moving experience is preparation and time. Every task is done better when you have enough time to plan it and perform it without rush. Moving house usually takes longer than expected and very often happen some unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, always leave little extra time and money for just in case. By following our moving-out checklist for moving house, you’re increasing your chances of a stress-free and cost-effective move.

    A month before moving checklist

    • Now is the time to collect estimates from professional movers. Make a list of your potential movers with good recommendations and reviews, ask them for quotes and compare them. Choose the offer that suits best your needs and budget.
    • Create a moving budget and calculate all moving expenses. Make a folder for all your moving documentation, such as quotes and receipts. Start to collect all your important, personal documentation, such as birth certificates and wills and store them in a folder.
    • If you are moving your vehicle, now is the time to book its transfer.
    • And if you are moving with your little furry companions, arrange pet relocation. When moving locally, you can probably carry them with yourself. But if you are moving cost-to-cost, better ask cross country movers NYC for professional help.
    • If your contract of sale or lease requires some maintenance or repair work, better organize handyman now.
    • Start planning your meals in order to use up all your perishables and frozen foods. You should empty your fridge and freezer moving day arrives. You can invite your friends and make a little farewell dinner.
    • This is the perfect moment to explore your new destination, at least online. Find out where all your new amenities are located.
    Woman preparing table for meal.
    You can make a farewell dinner from groceries you should use before move.

    Two weeks to moving day

    • Confirm the moving day date and time with your movers, so you have a clear date and timeframe.
    • It’s packing time. Packing is an exhausting and time-consuming process. So start as soon as you can. Or, you can hire Upper West Side movers to do that for you and save both time and your nerves.
    • Check manual instructions for moving tips on large appliances such as washing machines and fridges.
    • Search cost-effective moving insurance options, and make sure your belongings are covered during the move.
    • Notify everybody about your moving and cancel the subscriptions. You should inform the electoral commission, tax office, banks etc. If moving with pets, you will also need to update their registration details with your future address.
    • Collect all the keys to your current home including the spare ones you gave to your friends and family.

    A week before moving day

    • Contact your movers to confirm payment and any special requests.
    • Inform all your utility providers about your move and arrange disconnections and reconnections.
    • Clean your soon-to-be-old home and try to organize the cleaning of a new one.
    • Return all borrowed items, such as library books or things you borrowed from friends. If you have some prescriptions, refill them. Pick up your dry-cleaning and return property keys.
    • Go to bed early day before the moving day and make sure you get enough sleep
    Cat and dog on the couch.
    If you are moving with pets, make sure you organize their transfer on time.

    On a moving day

    First things first, so let’s start with a big breakfast and deep breath. You have been following your moving-out checklist, hence everything is under control and there is no room for panic.

    • Give movers a detailed tour of your home, and very clear moving instructions. Make sure there is access for the moving truck. Check if they have a correct destination address and your phone number. 
    • Ensure that high priority boxes are easy to access, clearly marked and that the movers know which they are.
    • Confirm that all your belongings have been loaded onto the moving truck, by checking your inventory.
    • You should have important items, such as jewelry and documents on yourself all the time.
    • Leave your new address to neighbors in case that some mail or package arrives there.
    • Check the entire place and make sure you didn’t forget anything.

    Home at last

    Now you can relax and take a moment to celebrate a new chapter of your life. Leave the unpacking for tomorrow. We hope that moving-out checklist has helped you and provided you with stress-free moving experience. Who knows, maybe you will like it and continue making checklists for all your tasks.

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