Moving kitchen appliances to a new home

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    Professional movers recommend that before moving kitchen appliances you should check if you need them moved. It is not an easy job at all. Upper East Side movers would love to help you in this job, though. They have equipment and experience to do it properly. However, they said that many people pack and take kitchen appliances with them. There are a lot of reasons for that.

    • Kitchen appliances are usually costly, so nobody will leave them behind;
    • People claim that they are emotionally attached to their stuff – if you are one of them consider using one of the storage facilities in Manhattan instead;
    • Some people plan on moving kitchen appliances with them because they used to use them – it is a better option than spending time and money on buying new appliances.
    If you are like most people your kitchen is probably packed with tiny cooking items

    Preparation for moving kitchen appliances

    It is not a job that you should do on your own. Not only that, appliances are typically heavy, so they can easily get damaged if not packed properly. Luckily, kitchen supplies have their own packages. It is better to save boxes after moving. You can use them for storing something else in meanwhile.

    Make a list of your kitchen appliances

    The very first job, in this case, is to make a list of your appliances. Moving kitchen devices is a seriously hard job. You maybe want to leave something behind. Or, ask one of the family tailored and unique services for advice. They will provide you with the  information for a safe relocation.

    Decluttering is very important

    You need to declutter even the smallest kitchen devices. They are typically fragile. Every one of them has removable parts. They could fall off during moving. If you have large kitchen appliances, make sure that you have prepared for moving. Learn in advance how to properly move oversized items without breaking your back.

    Don’t forget the manuals

    Maybe you feel like you have used those appliances very long, so you do not need to bring manuals with you. However, they have essential instructions for every occasion. Also, if your devices are under warranty, pack those documents, too. Learn about the importance of warranty of household devices.

    Remove and secure sharp parts before packing

    Packing kitchen appliances before relocating them

    Preparation is essential for this job. You should protect them adequately and pay attention to their usage. If you need help, ask professionals. Also, you can pack them in boxes, but secure them with a lot of packing paper, bubble wrap and moving blankets.

    Prepare packing equipment and tools

    Maybe you do not know how to pack kitchen appliances, but you should have an essential tool for pacing. Also, you will need a proper mechanism for installing them after moving. If you are not sure, ask a manufacturer or professional movers for help.

    Cooking supplies are heavy and fragile therefore hard for packing

    Safety is of paramount importance

    Before packing for moving kitchen appliances, you will need to learn about them. Some of them you can easily unplug and pack. However, there are a lot of them that you will need to prepare before moving. You should clean the refrigerator or remove sharp parts before packing. Your kitchen items would be better off if transported clean and dry.

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