Moving into a high-rise apartment in Manhattan

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    Moving into a high-rise apartment in Manhattan could be very challenging. Especially for the people who have lived in houses with a backyard. Apartments on upper floors are usually smaller than the house. So, you should adapt to much less space for living. However, Chelsea movers help people move into these apartments every day. It seems that most people consider it as a quite positive experience. There are a few things you should pay attention to.

    • You could get an affordable apartment – unless they are penthouses, those apartments are not very expensive.
    • Maintenance work could be easier since you will live in a smaller apartment – but, if you have a lot of furniture and stuff you can rent short term storage Manhattan;
    • Moving into a high-rise apartment in Manhattan could bring you new habits – one of the most common is a tight relationship with your neighbors.
    Apartment in a building
    You should prepare for different living conditions in a high-rise apartment

    Prepare for moving into a high-rise apartment in Manhattan

    Like in any other situation, you should prepare for living in a high-rise apartment in Manhattan. It is not so hard, but you will most definitely face some changes. The first one is reducing the amount of your belongings. You should start with it before packing.

    Embrace a small living space

    It is for sure that you will not be able to adapt to a new apartment quickly. In some cases there is not even a balcony. Prepare for this on time by getting informed about your new place ahead of time. Even though local moving is not that stressful, this could mean a significant change in your life. It is especially important if you have pets or children.

    Find reliable movers

    Not every moving company could successfully organize moving into a high-rise flat in New York. Some of them have a necessary know-how and experience. The most important thing is to learn how to pack your stuff. You should moving boxes of appropriate size. There are a lot of reliable packing services that you can rely on .

    living room
    Even apartments in high buildings are different

    Make reservations

    Do not forget that the major problem with moving to an apartment in Manhattan is parking. Especially if you have a large truck. So, organize parking for that day. The easiest way is to talk to the building manager directly. There are also special permits for it. Also, make sure to make elevator reservations if necessary.

    Your safety is crucial

    Living on a high floor in the building could be very dangerous for children and pets. You should think about it from the first day. Especially if you have lived in the house before. You can easily forget that you do not have a backyard anymore.

    High-rise building
    Living in high buildings could be a little boring

    Meet new neighbors

    Real estate market in NYC is large and competitive, so finding an apartment in any part of the city may take some time. However, living in high-rise buildings could be very interesting. There are a lot of people in one place. So, meet your new neighbors and make new friends along the way. And remember to reward yourself after moving into a high-rise apartment in Manhattan and to relax after you settle into your new home.

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