Moving house while working from home

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    At this time most people work from home and you are one of them and at the same time, you are planning to move. This can have so many benefits, but at the same time, you have to be careful and you must not procrastinate. The most important thing is to organize yourself well and stay motivated. Of course, you will encounter some challenges along the way, because in addition to moving house while working from home, you are also moving your home office. There is no need to stress and lose your nerves, we will give you tips on how to cope with this challenge more easily.

    Make a good plan

    The first thing you need to do is make a good plan. A good plan is a key to success. Make a list of everything you need to move successfully. First, find a moving company. Then organize your time so that you align your work with everything you need to do to have an easy move. It is extremely important that you stay motivated and determined. When you work from home, it can easily happen that you want to postpone everything for later. Don’t fall into that trap instead make a good plan and stick to it.

    Writing plan with a pen for moving house while working from home
    Moving house while working from home requires a good plan and organization!

    Find the right moving company for you

    To make your move as comfortable as possible, choose a moving company that can help you from start to finish. When choosing between moving companies Upper West Side, the most important thing is to choose the one that suits you best. One that can meet all your needs. Therefore, do your research. However, don’t wait for the last moment, but start the search as soon as possible. Moving companies are very busy, so book your appointment on time. A good moving company can help you with everything from getting the materials you need for packaging to the packaging itself, as well as transport from your old home to your new one. Literally every part of the move they can do for you.

    Get all the materials you need for moving house while working from home

    For a successful move, of course, the quality moving boxes Manhattan are also required. Calculate how many boxes you need per room. Collect all the necessary materials such as adhesive tape, plastic wrap, packing paper, a toolset for disassembling furniture. Do not forget to mark each box to know which room it belongs to and what is in it.

    Find the right storage unit

    Find enough time to search for cheap storage Manhattan. The storage unit can serve you very well during the move. For example, if your new home is smaller than the previous one, you can store all items that do not have their place in the new home. After you store them you can think about what you will do with those things, whether you will sell them or give them to someone who needs them. When choosing storage, it is important that the storage meets all the necessary conditions to keep your belongings safe and in the same condition you left them.

    Take time to relax

    Moving is stressful in itself, especially when you have to fit everything related to moving with your job. That is why it is necessary for you to find time for yourself. Make an hour a day and do what you like best. You can go for a run or read a good book or just lie back on the couch and watch a good movie. You can also meditate for an hour. Don’t overload yourself. It will only bring you extra stress. That’s why we mentioned that you make a good plan and start preparing for the move in time. If you do everything at the last minute, stress will overwhelm you.

    A woman watches a movie and eats popcorn
    Take time for yourself to enjoy and relax! Health comes first though.

    Transport valuables by yourself

    If you have special pieces of jewelry, a large diamond, or other valuables, it is best to take them in hand. Because if there are more people and volunteers involved on the day of the move, in the end, nobody will know where they put which box. Ideally, you have important things in a safe anyway, which can then be transported as a normal piece of furniture.

    Re-register in good time

    So that you can continue to receive supplies in the new home, you should inform your electricity, gas, and telecommunications provider about the move six to eight weeks before the appointment and give them the new address. Important: Do not forget to note down the meter readings for electricity or gas in the old and the new apartment on the day of the move. Make a list of who else you need to notify, for example:

    • Health insurance
    • Employment Agency (family benefits)
    • Insurance
    • Bank
    • Subscription provider for newspapers or magazines
    • At your new place of residence, you have to register with the residents’ registration office within one to two weeks, depending on the state.
    • You should also register your car or motorcycle as soon as possible.

    Prepare furniture layout

    It may sound pedantic, but it makes the move a lot easier.┬áMeasure the new home with a folding rule or laser rangefinder and use the measured values to create a room plan on which you can draw the optimal arrangement of your furniture. Alternatively, you can also use a digital facility planning aid. Give all moving workers a copy of the plan – then the entire facility will quickly be in the right place.

    Apartment architecture bookcase bookshelves
    Make a schedule in advance in your new home.

    Even if you move with a Manhattan moving company, you can benefit from these moving tips. In this case, you do not have to worry about the transport vehicle or the stopping ban, and packing is usually included in the full service of the moving company. However, all other tips apply to your moving house while working from home.

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